The 8 Best Soju Glasses You Can Buy Online

Best Soju Glasses

Not all of us have the luxury of being able to travel to South Korea regularly to partake in their crazy fun drinking parties. But with the rise in soju availability around the world (and likely near where you live!), there’s no reason to be sad anymore!

Soju can now be bought at many liquor stores around the world, and if not, then you can purchase several soju brands online to be delivered right to your door.

One thing you might notice though is that soju is often drunk from glasses that don’t look like your typical shot glasses.

A soju glass is rounder and has more width. This is to ensure that people can get a good grip on it whilst someone pours them a drink (a Korean custom!).

The standard soju shot glass carries more liquor than the average glass as well, holding 50ml rather than the average 25-30ml.

Since there are many types and designs out there, let us take you through the 8 best soju glasses that you can buy online now that will pair perfectly with your soju.

1. Classic Soju Shot Glass

Classic Soju Shot Glass

If you love soju, start off your collection with a set of classic soju shot glasses.

You simply can’t go wrong with the clear, round, shorter shot glasses that hold the true 50ml of liquid – perfect for a soju party.

Once you pour into these little glasses, you’ll be brought back to your time partying in Korea, downing soju as if it were water with these little babies.

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2. Character Soju Shot Glasses

Character Soju Shot Glasses

If you’re a fan of the cute Korean culture or even kawaii culture, then these character shot glasses will be perfect for you!

This set features 4 glasses, all with adorable facial expressions. These still surely catch your guests’ eyes as you bring them out to the table.

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3. Heart-Shaped Soju Set

Heart-Shaped Soju Glasses

A personal favorite of ours is the heart-shaped soju glasses.

Unlike the classic ones, these are in the shape of a heart! They might be a little harder to get a grip on, but they’re totally worth the extra effort.

In this set, you will receive 4 glasses as well as additional silicone beer caps that you can use to cover your beer bottle if you’d like to save it for later.

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4. Kakao Shot Glasses

Kakao Soju Set

This cute Kakao soju shot glass set will be a winner amongst your friends! Its adorable design is eye-catching and will have your guests fighting over who gets what!

They’re slightly different to the classic glasses in that their bottoms are a bit more tapered.

This set comes in a gift box, meaning they’re perfect as a gift for soju-loving friends – or simply just gift them to yourself.

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5. Kakao Soju Beer Glasses

Kakao Soju Beer Glasses

These Kakao soju beer glasses are mini glasses that are designed to make your soju and beer drinking experience easy and convenient.

Somaek’ is the name given to the soju and beer concoction that is popular in Korea, and more and more people around the world are coming around to this delicious drink.

These glasses have lines that indicate how much soju to pour and how much beer to fill it up with for a perfectly balanced somaek. Super convenient, right! The adorable Kakao designs on them are just an added bonus.

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6. Hwatu Soju Glasses

Hwatu Soju Glasses

Hwatu is a popular Korean card game that features a deck of 48-cards printed with stunning traditional floral designs.

You can now purchase Korean soju glasses that have these designs printed on them!

This particular set of Hwatu shot glasses features bright red and black imagery that wraps around the entire shot glasses. They almost look as though they’re telling a story, and will capture the eyes and interests of your party guests.

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7. Traditional Ceramic Soju Set

Traditional Ceramic Soju Set

For those after a more traditional Korean look, these small ceramic shot glasses are simply stunning…so stunning, in fact, that you might decide to just display them when you receive them!

This set features 5 small glasses, each a different color, with a wide, round shape and tapered bottom. They’re all individually painted and will showcase a unique finish.

They’re also versatile in that they can be used for sake as well.

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8. Traditional Art Soju Set

Traditional Art Soju Set

Those who appreciate art and history will appreciate the gorgeous imagery that has been intricately painted on these glasses.

All 5 glasses in this set feature a unique design by Shin Yunbok, a renowned painter from the Joseon Era.

These sturdy glasses make for the perfect additional to any home, for the display cabinet or for soju and various other alcohols. It also makes for the perfect housewarming gift for those who enjoy soju!

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We bet you didn’t know that soju glasses come in such a wide variety! You can easily pick and choose the right design for your home and personality. If none interest you, simply go for the classic ones – you cannot go wrong with them.

We’re excited for you to impress your friends with your newest collection the next time they’re over!

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