The 15 Best Romance Manhwa You Have To Read in 2024

Best Romance Manhwa

Impressive manhwas have gained popularity all over the world. With many stories to fall deep into, many find themselves drawn into the romance genre. Even with similar tropes and stories, we can’t deny that each romance manhwa has its own unique appeal. No two manhwas are the same and equal!

Regardless of what kind of romance manhwa you’re looking for, they are all bound to make you feel better!

The 15 Best Romance Manhwa Of All Time

If you’re searching for the best romance manhwa or simply looking for your next read, there’s no need to worry. We’ve listed the best romance manhwas that you should add to your list. These all dive into different themes, but all of them will fill your stomach with butterflies!

  1. Something About Us by Lee Yunji
  2. True Beauty by Yaongyi
  3. I Love Yoo by Quimchee
  4. Orange Marmalade by Seokwoo
  5. Love Alarm by Kye-young Chon
  6. Cheese in the Trap by Soonkki
  7. The Maid and The Vampire by Dolce Yi
  8. The Moon That Rises In The Day by Haeyum
  9. The Abandoned Empress by Yuna Jeong
  10. See You In My 19th Life by Lee Hay
  11. My Gently Raised Beast by Early Flower
  12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? by Kim Myeong-Mi & Baek Seung-Hoon
  13. Love Barometer by Sansa
  14. You at First Sight by Icchae
  15. Ghost Wife by Sejung

Get yourself ready to ride a rollercoaster of emotions with these amazing romance manhwa.

1. Something About Us by Lee Yunji

Something About Us Manhwa

Despite the differences in their personalities, Gayoung and Woojin became childhood best friends. As they grow older and become part of new environments, the line between best friends and lovers becomes blurry.

Their developing relationship ends up with many twists and turns that they have to face.
This friends-to-lovers manhwa is bound to make you swoon. If you’re after a light and wholesome romance manhwa, Something About Us will be your cup of tea. Although this manhwa isn’t nearly as popular as other manhwas on this list, it has a delightful plot and charming characters to which you will get attached.

2. True Beauty by Yaongyi

True Beauty Manhwa

No romance manhwa list is complete without True Beauty, which follows the story of three high schoolers caught up in a love triangle. Lim Joo Kyung believes she’s ugly until she comes across a beauty content creator who motivates her to learn how to do her makeup. As she slowly masters the art of makeovers, she also grabs the attention of Lee Suho and Han Seojun.

This manhwa ranked number one in the webtoon charts for an extended amount of time, which prompted it to be adapted into a television series that did well internationally.

3. I Love Yoo by Quimchee

Due to a difficult childhood, Shin Ae became an introverted, cold-hearted teenager who has chosen to live without getting close to anyone. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, her life gets entangled with two boys that force her to make an important decision. Will she change who she has become, or will she remain the way she is?

I Love Yoo is the perfect manhwa for readers that enjoy slow-burn romances. It has an amazing mix of romance and humor that makes the plot interesting and without any dull moments.

4. Orange Marmalade by Seokwo

Orange Marmalade Manhwa

Orange Marmalade is one of the most iconic romance manhwas because of its unique premise. In this manhwa, humans and vampires coexist, but instead of being feared, vampires are discriminated against.

Baek Ma-ri is a vampire that starts attending a human high school hoping to blend in with human society. However, she ends up falling for a human boy who hates nothing more than vampires.

Although the manhwa has a slow start, it is praised for its exploration of the difficulties faced by people who are “different.” It dives into complex social issues that many romance manhwas fail to do. It has also been adapted into a Korean drama series that premiered in 2015.

5. Love Alarm by Kye-young Chon

Love Alarm Manhwa

Love Alarm is a romantic drama manhwa that focuses on social media in a modern and technology-driven society. The story follows Kim Jojo as she navigates her identity, complicated relationships, and social pressures.

The manhwa is set in a world where an app called Love Alarm exists. The app notifies users when someone within a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. It causes a social phenomenon where people start to measure their self-worth based on the number of people who have activated their Love Alarm for them.
For manhwas with a unique premise and unexpected plot twists, there’s nothing quite like Love Alarm. It has also gained a large international following. Its Netflix adaptation has also been popular among audiences worldwide.

6. Cheese in the Trap by Soonkki

Cheese in the Trap Manhwa

In this character-driven webtoon, Seol Hong returns to college after a year-long break. She is initially wary of Yoo Jung, who seems perfect on the surface but hides a dark and manipulative side. However, despite her wariness, she finds herself entangled with Yoo Jung.

Cheese in the Trap is a well-loved manhwa because of its realistic portrayal of college life and relationships. Although its plot may be something that most readers will find common, its character development is continuously praised. This manhwa has also been adapted into a television drama that received as much success and critical acclaim as the source material.

7. The Maid and The Vampire by Dolce Yi

The Maid and The Vampire Manhwa

The Main and the Vampire is the ideal manhwa for those that enjoy sweet vampire romances. It has a pace that’s easy to follow, making it an easy read, especially for those new to manhwas. Although it seems like a clichéd premise at first look, it’s far from that.

The story revolves around Mia, a young girl who becomes a maid for a mysterious vampire named Lucius. Although Mia is initially driven by fear, she still develops feelings for him the more she serves him.

Despite the servant and maid plot device, this manhwa is actually one of the most wholesome you can find.

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8. The Moon That Rises In The Day by Haeyum

The Moon That Rises In The Day Manhwa

If you’re in the mood to read something more underrated but deserving of recognition, The Moon That Rises in the Day is the one for you. This manhwa comprises powerful storytelling along with complex but beautiful character development.

This fantasy romance manhwa follows Yoonie, who can see the “red threads of fate” that connect people to their soulmates. However, she discovers that her own thread is unlike any other. It’s tied to three different boys, each with their secrets and struggles that draw Yoonie to them.

As the story progresses, it dives into more complex themes such as love, friendship, and sacrifice.

9. The Abandoned Empress by Yuna Jeong

The Abandoned Empress

One of the main things that drew people to The Abandoned Empress is its beautiful artwork. It’s hard to put down because of how mesmerizing each page looks.

In this second chance manhwa, Aristia must navigate through her past life and change her fate along the way. With the help of the powerful Crown Prince, Lucas, who eventually becomes her ally and protector, she must get through the problems that will eventually plague her.

Many manhwa fans have likened this to Your Name, which is why it has also gained a large following in Korea and around the world.

10. See You In My 19th Life by Lee Hay

See You In My 19th Life

Although reincarnated, Jieum Ban gained the ability to remember everything from all her past lives. Given this unique ability, she must complete tasks to fulfill her destiny and achieve happiness. As she goes through her journey, she encounters people from her past lives, which forces her to come to terms with her past choices and actions.

Reincarnation is a common theme in manhwas, but See You In My 19th Life uses it in a way that fully engages its readers. More than a romance manhwa, it’s also a coming-of-age story that explores personal growth and acceptance. This is heavy on drama, so it’s best to prepare your heart!

11. My Gently Raised Beast by Early Flower

My Gently Raised Beast

Craving for beautiful retellings of your favorite fairy tales? My Gently Raised Beast is a unique take on the classic “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s easy to see what to expect from this manhwa, but it still captures and mesmerizes readers.

It follows the story of a young girl named Nari who discovers a mysterious creature named Suri. Despite Suri’s intimidating appearance, he is actually gentle. The more Nari spends time with him, the stronger their bond develops. As they navigate this newfound bond, they also have to deal with bigger conflicts involving the beast’s identity and place in the world.

This manhwa beautifully tackles the themes of love, acceptance, and identity.

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12. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? by Kim Myeong-Mi & Baek Seung-Hoon

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

If there’s one manhwa that has become so popular that it’s easily recognizable, it’s “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” With a successful television series that gained international attention, it is now one of the most consumed and most translated manhwas ever.

“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” follows Young-joon, an arrogant and selfish vice president of a corporation, and Miso, his long-time secretary. When Miso announces her resignation, Young-joon slowly realizes his feelings for her, which forces him to dig deeper into his past and struggles.

The manhwa tackles complex emotions and stories beautifully, and with two competent main characters who have a lot of room for growth, the story progresses naturally and wonderfully.

13. Love Barometer by Sansa

Love Barometer

Although Love Barometer is fairly new compared to other manhwas on this list, it also deserves recognition. Perfect for fans of Love Alarm, this rom-com series follows a high school student, Jaehee, as she navigates her life revolving around her relationships and self-discovery.

In this story, an app called “Love Barometer” can measure Jaehee’s crush’s feelings for her. The more she relies on the app, the more she starts questioning whether the relationship she’s navigating is genuine. As the story progresses, Jaehee finds more people that have their own struggles that relate to her.

This is a simple but delightful story about friendship and young love. If you’re into lighter and non-complicated manhwas, this is a great option!

14. You at First Sight by Icchae

You at First Sight

Bittersweet romance manhwas can actually turn out to be some of the best you’ll ever read. With a unique premise and an attractive art style to match, it’s hard to resist the attention-grabbing vibe of You at First Sight.

The manhwa follows the story of Yechan, who has the ability to read other people’s innermost thoughts but can’t see their faces. This prompts her to be distant from people. However, when she meets a boy whose face is visible and whose thoughts are nowhere to be read, her world is turned upside down.

Don’t be fooled by the premise because this manhwa is filled with humor, too. It takes time to build the story, but it’s all worth it when you discover why things are how they are.

15. Ghost Wife by Sejung

Sprinkle some horror into your romance manhwa reading with Ghost Wife by Sejung. The story revolves around Liz, who must navigate her new life as a ghost wife, which includes dealing with the vengeful ghost’s temper and schemes. She must do all this while keeping her own identity intact. Along the way, she meets other ghosts and learns more about Han’s past and motivations.

Ghost Wife is popular for its marvelous blend of horror, romance, and comedy. More than that, it has an engaging story that reels you in with no clue when to stop. The art style also matches the overall vibe of the story, which adds to the appeal of the manhwa.

Given its popularity, this manhwa became a web drama series that also gained traction internationally.

Whatever romance manhwa you’re looking for, you can’t deny that there is a wide variety for every kind of reader. Whether you prefer light or complex romances or romances sprinkled with fantasy or horror, you will find a manhwa that will suit you.

Be ready to swoon, laugh, and cry with some of the best romance manhwas that will stay with you for a long time. Your next favorite might be somewhere on the list!

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