The 15 Best Boy’s Love (BL) Manhwa You Should Not Miss In 2024

15 Best BL Manhwa

Boy’s Love (BL) manhwa are one of the most popular genres read by fans worldwide. BL manhwa covers a lot of tropes, and a range of different characters to admire (and to hate).

To better introduce you to the genre, we’ve compiled some of the best BL manhwa you have to read at least once! Read on to discover some interesting and unique titles.

The 15 Best Boy’s Love (BL) Manhwa You Have To Read

Here’s our list of the BL manhwa that, in our opinion, our worth to read. Check them out and choose the one you like the most.

  1. Semantic Error
  2. Out Of Control
  3. Walk On Water
  4. Lost In the Cloud
  5. BJ Alex
  6. At The End Of The Road
  7. Cherry Blossoms After Winter
  8. H&H Roman Company
  9. Window to Window
  10. The Baker On The First Floor
  11. Dear Door
  12. Wolf In The House
  13. Fools Remastered
  14. Painter Of The Night
  15. Under the Greenlight

1. Semantic Error

Semantic Error

Computer Science major Shu Sangwoo is a no-nonsense perfectionist. So, when his group mates for a class project decide to freeload off of him, he doesn’t hesitate to drop them.

Unfortunately, this interferes with one of his groupmate’s plans to study abroad! And that groupmate is none other than Jang Jaeyong, an arts major and the campus star.

Can Shu Sangwoo debug the semantic error that is Jang Jaeyong? The two are like oil and water, which makes seeing how they develop all the more satisfying!

2. Out Of Control

Out Of Control

Out of Control is a manhwa with one clear message: looks don’t matter when it comes to true love. Yuri is the school’s perfect bachelor. He’s handsome, smart and he’s even on the student council.

Because of that, nobody expects him to end up with Jaerim, an ordinary and not so attractive guy. Fans of slow-burn romance will definitely like this sweet manhwa. You won’t be able to resist loving on Yuri and Jaerim!

3. Walk On Water

Walk On Water

When Ed, a broke bodyguard, hears about a way to get some fast cash, he doesn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity. Even if it meant casting as a star in an adult film. Ed becomes a porn star for McQueen Entertainment, and becomes known as ‘Tommy’.

As ‘Tommy’, he usually did solo castings and was the top in all his scenes. One day, his assigned partner couldn’t make it for the shoot. He had to be on the receiving end for none other than the owner of the company, Glenn Mcqueen!

He then begins to explore his own sexuality, on top of his feelings towards his charismatic boss. Walk on Water treads on important issues related to being queer and “coming out” to oneself.

4. Lost In The Cloud

Lost In the Cloud

Skylar developed a secret hobby–taking and collecting pictures of his crush, Chan-il. Skylar was able to keep it lowkey, that is until his crush’s friend Cirrus discovers his secret. This starts a manipulative relationship between the two of them.

You may be judging Skylar for somehow stalking his crush. But, there’s more to this manhwa than what meets the eye. Rather than just love, this story is about Skylar’s efforts to heal from his past relationships.

5. BJ Alex

BJ Alex1

Dong-Gyun follows a strict routine every night. At 10, he locks himself up in his room, and watches a BJ (broadcast jockey) named Alex on a live cam show.

Timid and closeted Dong-Gyun sees Alex as an idol. He admires Alex not only for being handsome, but also for his confidence.

One night, Dong-Gyun drinks too much at a school party and passes out. He wakes up to a shirtless guy…who looked a lot like Alex!

The manhwa starts with an exciting premise and with colorful characters. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop scrolling after the first chapter.

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6. At The End of The Road

At The End of The Road

After getting into a truck accident, Taemin never expected to get a second chance at life. Upon dying, he wakes up as Siwon, a victim of bullying at school. He turns his life around as ‘Siwon’ and starts standing up for himself.

But a chance encounter with a past friend, Woojin, changes everything. Immediately, Woojin recognizes Taemin.

The manhwa follows the events after their unlikely reunion. What happened between them in the past? And what awaits them at the end of the road?

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7. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

The manhwa follows the budding romance of Haebom and his childhood friend, Taesung.

Haebom had been living in Taesung’s house ever since his parents passed away. Unexpectedly, they end up in the same class in their last year of high school. While things start off awkward, their relationship begins to bloom into something different.

8. H&H Roman Company

H&H Roman Company

As humans became more technologically advanced, less people began to rely on God. Because of this crisis, God starts a company called H&H Roman. Our main characters Ginger and Rum are both employees at this divine company.

Ginger has always fantasized about Rum, but the latter never knew about his feelings. It’s a sweet story about how the pair balance their duties and their growing passion for each other.

9. Window To Window

Window to Window

Yubin and Ginu have been friends since preschool. It was during middle school when Yubin first realized that he liked Ginu. For years until college, Yubin continues to hide his feelings for his friend.

The two live in separate apartments right next to each other. They can even talk to each other from their windows and see what the other is doing with a glance.

But Yubin’s long-held secret is revealed. Unbeknownst to him, Ginu sees him doing something naughty from the window.

Curious about what that is? You’ll have to read it to find out!

10. The Baker On The First Floor

The Baker on the First Floor

Introverted Sun Hwa is a BL artist who spends most of his time working on his comics in his room. When he was greeting the new handsome resident in the building, he ended up getting caught by him! It turns out that this handsome guy, Moo Goong Ha, is a baker who had a shop on the first floor.

This is a sweet and lighthearted manhwa about a baker and an artist’s rising love. We promise you’ll end up swooning over their cute story!

11. Dear Door

Dear Door

When an investigation takes a dark turn, officer Kyungjoon finds himself in a world of demons! There, he meets the worst of them all–a demon king who calls himself “Lord Cain”. Cain chooses Kyungjoon to become his “door” to build up mana and connect the human and demon realm.

This supernatural story is a must-read. Especially so for those into manhwa featuring intense relationships between humans and demons. The great art is something you have to appreciate for Dear Door as well!

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12. Wolf in the House

After ending a 10-year relationship, Minsuk celebrates being single by adopting a husky. But Bexan, his new furry companion, isn’t exactly an ordinary dog. When Minsuk gets home after a long night, he sees a naked guy…wearing his dog’s collar!

The manhwa follows the adorable relationship between Minsuk the werewolf Bexan. It’s fun to see how the two try to come to terms with each other.

13. Fools Remastered

Fools Remastered

College student Eungi isn’t exactly the sociable type. He sees other people as a nuisance and prefers to keep to himself. At one social event, he meets Jungwoo, an extroverted and overly friendly freshman.

At first, the stoic Eungi is weirded out by Jungwoo’s advances. Eventually, his own mind and feelings start to change.

Fools Remastered is a retelling of the Fools manhwa first released in 2016. Eungi and Jungwoo’s realistic love story continues to capture fan’s hearts until today.

14. Painter of the Night

Painter Of The Night

Na-kyum is a young painter with a talent for creating vivid and erotic paintings of men. After some time of publishing his collections anonymously, he decided to quit painting. But, his hiatus became short-lived.

Seungho, an aggressive young nobleman, forces Na-kyum to become his private painter. But, painting doesn’t seem to be the only thing Seungho had in mind for him.

Anyone who’s a fan of BL manhwa needs to read this masterpiece. The manhwa is so good it won the Best BL Lezhin Award in 2019!

15. Under the Greenlight

Under the Greenlight

When sculptor Matthew met the perfectly beautiful Jin, he ends up enangled in a world of crime. For Matthew, Jin’s beauty overshadows the darkness he conceals. Bound by his desire to capture his beauty, Matthew urges Jin to become his muse.

Jin agrees, but this newfound partnership comes with a price. This manhwa has a more serious story compared to others in the BL genre. Nonetheless, the frustrations and desires shared between the two is sure to reel you in.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of the best Boy’s Love manhwa!

Each story will pull you into a whirlwind of emotions. BL manhwa offers everyone a glimpse into the tragedies and joys of male romance.

While most BL manhwa may have identical tropes, every one is still unique in its own way. We hope you enjoyed going through our recommendations!

Will you be adding some of these to your reading list? Which one piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments below!

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