The 10 Best Korean Dating Variety Shows You Need To Watch


Korean dramas have been sweeping the globe. Everywhere you look, you’ll find photos of the new hottest couple or the most popular heartthrob. We have no doubt your social media is also full of these dazzling K-celebrities!

But as sweet as some of these dramas are, they can get a little repetitive. Why not try watching reality shows instead?

The 10 Best Korean Dating Variety Shows

These 10 Korean dating variety shows will definitely give you that romantic kick–but with a twist! Watching love unfold is definitely better when you know that it’s 100% real. There are no scripts and retakes here!

  1. Single’s Inferno
  2. Somebody
  3. Heart Signal
  4. Love & Joy
  5. Change Days
  6. EXchange
  7. Divorced Singles
  8. Love Catcher
  9. His Man
  10. Merry Queer

Whether you like sweet and wholesome love stories or steamy romances, we’ve got it all for you. If you want to feel love in the air, then read on!

1. Single’s Inferno

We’re kicking things off with this sizzling-hot reality dating show that’s been really popular on Netflix.

In “Single’s Inferno”, six men and six women must find love while being trapped on two islands: Hell Island and Heaven Island. The catch is? They also have to fight to survive!

In order to escape Hell Island, participants must be part of a couple. Only couples can go to Heaven Island.

And Heaven Island is paradise indeed. Couples who make it there can enjoy a luxurious stay at a fancy hotel, while the single people in Hell Island only sleep in tents.

That’s why the contestants do everything they can to get to that paradise–and things get hot and steamy real fast.

If you like dating shows with a thrilling twist, then Single’s Inferno is for you!

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2. Somebody

They say it takes two to tango, and this exciting dating show took that to the next level. In “Somebody,” every participant is a professional dancer!

These dancers can do just about every genre you can imagine: hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, and even traditional Korean dance. These romantic hopefuls will definitely steal your heart from the very first episode.

Like a regular dating variety show, the contestants live together and go on dates, but there’s a twist. They also have to do a lot of dance missions–like create themed group choreographies and pair up in dazzling duos!

If you love watching dynamic dance performances with a lot of chemistry on the side, then this show is perfect for you!

3. Heart Signal

Get ready to fall in love with your screens because our next show is as sweet as it can get!

In “Heart Signal,” four men and four women live together in a shared house. They go on romantic dates and get to know each other as the show goes on.

But the twist? They can’t tell each other when they start to develop feelings! Instead, each participant can only send anonymous messages to their crush.

As the audience, it’s a lot of fun to predict who is interested in who. There’s even a panel of celebrities and dating experts who will guess along with you.

With a total of three seasons, Heart Signal is the perfect sweet treat for binge-watching!

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4. Love & Joy

Love & Joy had to be on our list of the best Korean dating variety shows!

If you love a good friends-to-lovers romance, then it is the perfect show for you!

In this heartwarming show, four men and four women come together and share their stories. Even though they come from all walks of life, all of them share one thing: they’re all stuck in the friendzone!

It’s very charming to watch as the participants slowly open up to one another and form sweet and meaningful relationships. Love & Joy is also hosted by a comedian couple, Son Min-Soo and Lim La-La. As a couple of more than 8 years, they are more than ready to give advice to the participants who need them.

With its simple yet relatable premise, Love & Joy is a show that will definitely tug at your heartstrings! And the best part? It’s all free to watch on YouTube!

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5. Change Days

Our next couple of shows all revolve around an intriguing concept: What if exes reunited?

In the show “Change Days,” these three couples are not quite exes yet. However, they are on the brink of ending their relationship.

Three men and three women come together on the show and share their stories. Be prepared to dive into their complicated relationships and find out why they want to part ways.

Each participant is also paired with a new person. Before the show ends, they must make a decision to stay with their current significant others or break up and pursue a relationship with the new partner.

Even though this concept may sound “controversial” for some, Change Days is definitely a show that will give you a deeper insight on love!

6. EXchange

They say if you love someone, you have to set them free. But what if you still want to hold on?

EXchange is an intriguing dating reality show which features four couples who have already broken up. Four men and four women come together to look back on their relationships. But like all dating shows, the ultimate goal is to find love.

This is where it gets complicated–and exciting for the viewers! Some people want to reunite with their exes, yet some already want to move on and find someone new. Will they be able to find a compromise?

The show aims to capture the real and honest emotions of the participants. Because of how unfiltered this show is, EXchange will definitely keep viewers craving for that next episode!

7. Divorced Singles

Sometimes marriages don’t end in a “happily ever after.” But everyone deserves a second chance!

“Divorced Singles” brings together four divorced men and four divorced women. Together, they go on dates and slowly start to fall for each other. They also get to do fun missions like grocery shopping together or cooking a meal together.

And if they become a matched couple, then they get to live together in one house for a week!

Divorce can be a touchy topic. That’s why Divorced Singles has a unique format. Participants don’t reveal their age, occupation, background, and even why they got divorced. That way, people can find love without worrying about being judged!

Divorced Singles is a heartwarming show that will definitely make you believe in the power of second chances.

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8. Love Catcher

What would you choose? Love or money?

“Love Catcher” is an exciting dating reality show that wants to answer that very question. In this show, the 10 participants are divided into two groups: “love catchers” and “money catchers.”

Love catchers are there to find their true love, while money catchers are just in it for the money. The cash prize is a whopping ₩50,000,000 or more than $44,000!

But in order to win, the participants must play a thrilling game. They can’t tell each other whether they are love catchers or money catchers. Instead, they have to disguise their identities while attempting to seduce each other.

This exciting twist on a regular dating show will definitely keep you on your toes!

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9. His Man

Love wins, even if this kind of love isn’t so accepted in some countries. “His Man,” also known as “Stranger’s Love,” is a groundbreaking show that portrays the love stories between two men. In this show, participants move into strangers’ houses and slowly get to know each other.

His Man aims to show that love between two men is just like any other kind of love. Watching these men learn to open up to each other and develop true feelings will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Check out Stranger’s Love for a one-of-a-kind dating show experience!

10. Merry Queer

Our last show is yet another which celebrates unconventional love. “Merry Queer” is the first reality show in Korea to focus on LGBTQ+ couples. Couples from all genders and sexualities come together to share their unique stories on the show.

From nerve-wracking tales of coming out, to sweet stories about how they met each other, these LGBTQ+ couples will definitely tug at your heart. This show also aims to shine a light on the various difficulties the LGBTQ+ community face in Korea.

With a trio of hosts that are more than willing to accept these new faces of love, Merry Queer is definitely one to watch.

What did you think of our list of the best Korean dating variety shows? Which one is the most excited to watch?

Love is truly in the air! Whether you’re craving a light romance, a hopeful story about exes getting back together, or a sizzling-hot affair, these Korean dating shows have it all for you.

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