9 Modern Hanbok For Men To Buy Online In 2024

Modern Hanbok For Men To Buy Online

Need a little something to spice up your wardrobe? We’ve got you! From fashionistas to total rookies when it comes to dressing up, these modern hanbok shirts are perfect for everyone. “Hanbok” refers to traditional Korean clothes for both men and women. Nowadays, they’re only usually worn during special occasions like Chuseok, but they’ve been given a modern twist with these selections! Now you can take your hanbok anywhere anytime.

Whether you’re more plain and refined or showy and flashy, we’re sure there’s a modern hanbok style here for you. From formalwear to day-to-day outfits, there are a million ways to style these classy timeless shirts!

1. Navy Silk Modern Hanbok Shirt


We’re starting things off with a chic navy number that’s perfect for classy evenings. The subtle floral pattern adds another detail against the glossy sheen of the silk fabric while the navy color makes it versatile and wearable for a number of different occasions. If you want to tone the look down, you can even throw a coat over it and have the details of the hanbok only peeking out. There are a million ways to dress it up or down!

Get It Here: Navy Silk Modern Hanbok Shirt

2. White Linen Modern Hanbok Shirt


Up next we have the perfect basic with an upgrade! This white linen hanbok shirt is casual enough to be paired with your favorite pair of denim jeans but classy enough that you’ll look like you put real effort into the styling of your outfit. The linen fabric is perfect for hotter days while the white color makes it easy to pair with just about anything!

Get It Here: White Linen Modern Hanbok Shirt

3. Line Pink Modern Hanbok Shirt


Who says pink is only for girls? This next hanbok shirt proves anyone can wear pink regardless of gender! The dusty blush color makes it flattering on a range of different skin tones while the structured shoulders make sure it retains that masculine touch. Pair this with gray trousers like shown in the picture or experiment with different shades like navy blue, khaki, or even white bottoms!

Get It Here: Line Pink Modern Hanbok Shirt

4. Hwarang Flower Modern Hanbok Shirt


Our next pick is a true showstopper. If you want to stand out from basic suits and black-and-white outfits, then we definitely recommend this shirt! As if the silk fabric was not enough to get people’s attention, this shirt also has a unique navy blue and rusty orange combination as well as eye-catching floral patterns that will make anyone feel like a million bucks.

Get It Here: Hwarang Flower Modern Hanbok Shirt

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5. Linen Short Sleeve Modern Hanbok Shirt


On the other side of the spectrum, we have this simple linen short-sleeved hanbok shirt that is no less classy than the other styles listed here. Tired of wearing boring old T-shirts and pants every day? Why not spice up your style a little bit by incorporating these kinds of hanbok shirts! The short sleeves and breathable linen fabric make sure you stay comfortable while also making sure your style game is on point.

Get It Here: Linen Short Sleeve Modern Hanbok Shirt

6. Sketch Short Sleeve Modern Hanbok Shirt


Next up we have another short-sleeved hanbok shirt–but this time with a twist! Why not try experimenting with fun patterns like in this next pick? The eye-catching pattern is bound to turn heads while the shirt’s beige off-white color is there to keep things casual. Try pairing these with ripped jeans as shown in the photo or even your favorite pair of shorts!

Get It Here: Sketch Short Sleeve Modern Hanbok Shirt

7. Point Collar Modern Hanbok Shirt


Speaking of fun patterns, our next pick blends classic colors with a charming design to make it stand out. The black color keeps this hanbok shirt classy and versatile while the little peekaboo pattern on the collar takes it a level above your common black dress shirt. You can style it open over a T-shirt like in the photo to keep it casual, or you can tie it closed and pair it with your favorite slacks to come up with the perfect classy combination.

Get It Here: Point Collar Modern Hanbok Shirt

8. Black Silk Modern Hanbok Shirt


Our next pick takes us back to the world of silk–this time in the most elegant and versatile shade! There’s truly nothing quite like black silk shirts to make you feel classy and expensive. The subtle pattern also helps keep the shirt from looking too two-dimensional while the lapel detail makes it perfect for black-tie events. Elevate your formalwear looks by wearing a modernized version of a traditional costume!

Get It Here: Black Silk Modern Hanbok Shirt

9. Modern Hanbok Tencel Denim Half Shirt


And finally, we have this short-sleeved take on the classic hanbok shirt! Nothing says modern quite like denim. This shirt blends the old and the new and makes it completely trendy and wearable today. The light denim-like fabric is perfect for your day-to-day activities while the added details like the ribbon and the lined collar elevate it to the next level. Plus, we can think of a million ways to pair this shirt! Try it with linen pants, shorts, or even denim jeans and we guarantee you’ll look ten times more stylish.

Get It Here: Modern Hanbok Tencel Denim Half Shirt

We hope you liked our list of the best modern hanbok shirts for men! Which one are you most excited to try on? Tell us about it in the comments!

Let’s face it: men’s formalwear can get a bit boring and repetitive at times. That’s why we recommend trying out these modernized hanbok shirts to make sure you’re not just another guy wearing any old suit. It’s an easy way to elevate your wardrobe!

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