12 Modern Hanbok Dresses For Women To Buy Online In 2024

Best Modern Hanbok Dress For Women

Every woman needs that one dress she can use for special occasions like weddings and presentations, or even for just more day-to-day activities like a romantic date! These modern hanbok dresses can be used in a variety of ways that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. “Hanbok” refers to traditional Korean clothing, but these versions have put a modern twist on the classic silhouette.

From different styles and patterns to every color you can think of, these modern hanbok dresses are the epitome of elegance. Here are just 12 of the most versatile and chic modern hanbok you can get!

1. White Hanbok with Red Roses


Who doesn’t like roses? We’re starting things off with a classic pairing of red and white that is both girlish and sophisticated all at once. The delicately frilled sleeves and light fabric make this dress perfect for casual events like brunch or a romantic day out in the city! The striking red of the pattern elevates this casual look into a more polished and stylish look.

Buy It Here: White Hanbok with Red Roses

2. Navy Hanbok with Flowers


Up next we have an elegant navy-colored hanbok dress with gorgeous flowers in shades of white and pink. The deep tone of the dress makes it perfect for nighttime events while the subtle colors of the floral pattern also make it suitable for more daytime looks. This one is a true example of versatility! We guarantee you’ll instantly feel more classy the moment you wear it.

Buy It Here: Navy Hanbok with Flowers

3. Light Gray Hanbok


If you want something that’s a little more subtle, then this light gray hanbok is for you. The light and airy color makes it suitable for a wide range of different skin tones. The simplicity of the dress is its best perk! You can leave it as is to go for a more understated look, or you can also pair the dress with a variety of different overskirts and accessories as shown in the photo to elevate it.

Buy It Here: Light Gray Hanbok

4. Beige Hanbok with Flowers


If you like your floral patterns a little more on the subtle side, then this beige beauty is for you. The simple color makes it perfect for daytime looks while the length and cut of the dress will make sure you stay comfortable while wearing it. The floral pattern on this one is also quite unique and intriguing since they don’t look like flowers from afar! If you want a simple dress with a big impact, this beige hanbok is perfect for you.

Buy It Here: Beige Hanbok with Flowers

5. White Hanbok with Flowers


Up next we have this classic beauty, a white hanbok paired with flowers in shades of red, pink, and periwinkle blue. The timeless floral pattern adds a feminine touch that keeps the entire look refined and gorgeous. This dress will also look perfect for a wide range of different ages. You really can’t go wrong with a classic!

Buy It Here: White Hanbok with Flowers

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6. Navy Hanbok


Not a big fan of florals or patterns in general? We’ve got you! There are plenty of modern hanbok dresses that cater more to simple yet no less chic and flattering styles. This navy one is a good example of that. The rich color would look great on anyone regardless of their skin tone, while the classic detail across the chest makes it more unique than your average kind of dress.

Buy It Here: Navy Hanbok

7. Black Check Hanbok Blouse


If you’re also not a big fan of dresses, don’t worry. There’s a large collection of hanbok blouses that would be perfect for you! This black hanbok blouse is sophisticated at its core. The color makes it perfect for pairing with a wide variety of different bottoms like classic-cut trousers or chiffon skirts as shown in the photo. Black is extremely wearable for a variety of different occasions, which means this modern hanbok blouse will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Buy It Here: Black Check Hanbok Blouse

8. Cream Hanbok with Floral Pattern


Up next we have a charming hanbok dress with incredible detail. The white color makes it look more subtle and refined, yet the beautiful details of the sleeves will make for an outfit like no other! The lace-like floral pattern is feminine and eye-catching all at once, while the subtle ribbon detail adds the perfect touch to this outfit. Because of its color, this dress is perfect for garden events, brunch, baby showers, and more!

Buy It Here: Cream Hanbok with Floral Pattern

9. Ivory Hanbok with Floral Pattern


If you want something a little more on the casual side, then why not consider getting short-sleeved hanbok dresses? The dainty cut of the sleeves is perfectly flattering for a wide range of different body types. Meanwhile, the off-white color and delicate floral pattern make this the perfect sundress! It’s a low-key dress that will make sure you feel refined yet comfortable when you wear it.

Buy It Here: Ivory Hanbok with Floral Pattern

10. Beige Hanbok with Blue Roses


Why not put a spin on the popular floral pattern by wearing something blue? This beige hanbok patterned with blue roses is a unique take on classic florals. The bright cerulean set against the creamy off-white color will definitely make you stand out. The sleeves also have delicate frills that add another touch of detail to this gorgeous look.

Buy It Here: Beige Hanbok with Blue Roses

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11. White Hanbok Blouse with Butterflies


Our next pick is a true favorite for a reason! This hanbok blouse can be paired with any of your favorite skirts, pants, or even worn over dresses! The white color also makes it versatile for a variety of different events. Our favorite part about this blouse is the delicate butterfly details on the sleeves. The semi-sheer fabric paired with the lovely pattern adds such a feminine touch to the outfit!

Buy It Here: White Hanbok Blouse with Butterflies

12. Short-sleeved Hanbok with Pink Flowers


And finally, we have this gorgeous short-sleeved hanbok dress! The black color is totally perfect for making the old rose pattern pop. While the darker tones of the dress make it more suitable for nighttime looks, the casual short sleeves also make it perfect for daytime! This is a truly versatile and stylish dress that you can wear anywhere no matter the occasion.

Buy It Here: Short-Sleeved Hanbok with Pink Flowers

What did you think about our selection of modern hanbok dresses? Tell us which dress caught your eye the most in the comments!

There’s nothing like a brand-new dress to make you feel good. These modern hanbok dresses incorporate old and new, creating something timeless, beautiful, and definitely wearable. Spice up your wardrobe by getting one–or two, or three!–of these incredibly stylish dresses and blouses!

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