Korean Female Beauty Standards – What The Ideal Woman Looks Like In Korea?

Jisoo of Blackpink

The Korean female beauty standards are a huge part of Korean culture and society. Since beauty is one of the biggest assets of Korean women, they do everything they can to reach these strict standards and meet societal expectations.

This set of ideal beauty features focuses on bringing off a pure, feminine look. K-pop stars like Blackpink’s Jisoo, IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung, and IU are the best examples of women with ‘innocent’ visuals that fit the Korean female beauty standards.

10 Korean Female Beauty Standards

From perfect facial features to the ideal body type, we’ve listed below the 10 Korean female beauty standards. So, if you’re curious about what the ideal woman looks like in Korea, let’s read ahead!

  1. Pristine Skin
  2. V-shaped Face
  3. High Cheekbones
  4. Straight Eyebrows
  5. Big Eyes
  6. High-bridged Nose
  7. Plump Lips
  8. White and Straight Teeth
  9. Slim, Hourglass Figure
  10. Long and Slim Legs

1. Pristine Skin

Pristine Skin

In general, Koreans prefer having pale, white skin as a tan skin tone was once an indicator of being a lower class back in the day. In modern Korea, having pale skin is a must, especially for Korean women, to look more beautiful.

Although most Korean possess pale skin naturally, some use beauty products to achieve pristine skin. Applying sunscreen has also become their everyday ritual to protect their skin from darkening.

They even have extensive skincare regimes, as one should also have glowing, glass-like skin that reflects youth.

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2. V-shaped Face

V-shaped Face

Other face shapes than V-shaped faces are considered too wide and masculine for a woman. Because of this, Korean women desire to have a face shape that makes other facial features look prominent.

A V-shaped face evokes feminine beauty, and it makes one look younger than their actual age since a sharp V-line with a pointy chin eliminates the appearance of a double chin and saggy skin. It also makes the whole face look good from any angle.

Of course, everyone has different face shapes, so those who are not naturally born with a V-shaped face use cosmetics and even resort to aesthetic procedures or surgeries to reshape their face and achieve what society desires.

3. High Cheekbones

High Cheekbones

Cheekbones that are slightly defined but not too prominent have a greater effect on facial attractiveness in women as it makes one appear more feminine and delicate. Plus, it complements a V-shaped face nicely.

In fact, cheekbones are one of the most valued beauty traits even in other countries. They are associated with youthfulness, whereas low or droopy cheekbones are considered a sign of aging.

To define cheekbones and improve the structure of the face, Korean women learned how to contour their faces using light and dark shades of make-up. They also apply a little touch of blush on their cheeks to highlight their cheekbones and pull off a natural look.

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4. Straight Eyebrows

Straight Eyebrows

Straight, soft eyebrows are one of the most crucial facial features in Korean female beauty standards as it contributes to a youthful and innocent appearance — no wonder it’s a trend in Korea!

Compared to other beauty features, this one is quite easy to achieve as you don’t need to go under the knife. You just have to draw or shape your brows straight and softly fill them with light shades of brown or black. But some also dye their brows every time they dye their hair to create a matching look.

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5. Big Eyes

Big Eyes

Although most Koreans are born with small, drooping eyes, having big and rounded eyes are very important to fit the beauty standards. Koreans’ go-to approach to possessing larger eyes is through double-eyelid surgery, which makes the eyes look more awake.

But a trend called ‘aegyosal’ or charming under-eye fat is also becoming a hit as it makes one appear younger and more cheerful, especially when smiling.

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6. High-bridged Nose

Woman Side Profile

If you observe, you’ll notice there aren’t many K-pop idols with flat noses. This is because a straight, tall nose is a staple in Korean society.

K-idol or not, Korean female beauty standards suggest that a woman’s nose should be small and high-bridged with a pointy tip. It should be perfectly proportional with other facial features because it’s the center of the face. Also, it greatly affects side profiles as it defines the overall face from any angle.

The nose is a universally appealing factor and having a beautiful nose is one way for Korean women to look elegant and sophisticated. Perhaps this explains why rhinoplasty and nose fillers are one the most coveted surgeries in South Korea!

7. Plump Lips

Plump Lips

Small, plump lips or heart-shaped lips complete the Korean female standards of a perfect face. Traditionally, Korean women prefer having thin lips. However, the beauty standards changed, and plump lips are considered more charming for women.

In fact, Koreans have their so-called ‘golden lip ratio’ where the lower lip should be thicker than the upper lip, and the cupid’s bow and inner lip curve should be slanted ideally.

To achieve the perfect Korean pouty lip, women use different shades of lip tints with a touch of lip gloss to create a plumpy illusion. But for some, getting lip fillers are a more convenient option.

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8. White and Straight Teeth

White and Straight Teeth

Straight, white, and healthy-looking teeth have become one of the Korean female beauty standards ever since people favored the ‘Korean teeth trend.’ This trend convinced many to have the perfect teeth for the ideal smile as it radiates confidence and good dental hygiene.

So, those with crooked, uneven, and discolored teeth seek dental treatments such as teeth whitening, braces, veneers, and lasers. They also maintain their healthy teeth by brushing them after every meal. Some public bathrooms in Korea even offer free toothbrushes for everyone!

9. Slim, Hourglass Figure

Slim, Hourglass Figure

Korean female beauty standards do not only focus on facial features. Sadly, the pressure to be slim and body-shaming is still constant in South Korea. So, apart from having the perfect face, one must also have a body type that most find visually pleasing: a petite, hourglass figure.

With healthy Korean foods and a consistent workout routine, it’s not that hard to lead a healthy diet. But those with slow metabolism have to put more effort into losing weight by following a very strict diet.

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10. Long and Slim Legs

Long and Slim Legs

Ever since female K-pop idols started flaunting their gorgeous long legs, many Korean women found themselves wanting the same. Ideally, a Korean woman should have legs that are at least 110 cm long. Also, one must have a thigh gap to make their legs look slender.

Long legs are associated with tallness, and being tall in South Korea is considered a social advantage.

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There you have the 10 Korean female beauty standards!

The Korean female beauty standards have influenced many women to change their natural features to look perfect and admirable in the eyes of society.

But thanks to people who inspire others to embrace their unique features, some are slowly breaking the chains of the strict beauty standards to re-define the classic beauty norms in South Korea.

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