How Do K-pop Idols Keep Their Hair Healthy? The Complete Guide

South Korean actress Lee Ji-eun

We’ve all had K-pop idol hair envy before.

Questions like: How do they look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon, after a long flight? How does their hair look so intact after flinging their hair around onstage for two hours? How do they still look like goddesses after running around for hours during variety shows?

At some point, we’ve got to realize that they all have hairdressers on call, who fix, prime, and style their hair during every break they get. To amass millions of fans for their beauty (and talent, of course!), it pays to be prepared like that!

However, we also can’t forget that a huge portion of their unwavering hair beauty also stems from the fact that they take extra good care of their hair. Using the best products, staying on top of hair health trends, and generally ensuring that they’re looking after their hair makes it much easier to look glamorous all the time!

If you’re looking for tips on how to get your hair looking as luscious and healthy as a K-pop idol, read on as we explore how many of your favorite stars do it!

1. Eat fermented foods


This one’s a bit of a shocker, right? Who knew that fermented foods could be so good for our digestive systems and contribute to the health of our hair?!

Jessica Jung, that’s who, along with plenty of other K-pop idols.

The former SNSD member is especially known for her love of kimchi and how it is packed with nutrients and minerals that not only boost your immune system but keep your hair healthy and shiny. The selenium from the extraordinary amounts of garlic in kimchi works hard to ensure your hair stays vibrant.

Given that kimchi is a staple in the Korean diet, it’s no wonder why many Korean celebrities have such gorgeous locks!

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2. Use hair masks regularly

Lee Chae-Rin (CL) K-pop Idol
Lee Chae-Rin (CL)

Hair masks are nothing new to the beauty market. However, many people often underestimate the difference that hair masks can do to your hair.

Simply look at K-pop goddess CL (former 2-NE-1 member). Her fierce attitude and commanding stage presence are one thing, but you can’t deny that her perfectly polished hair makes you do a double-take every time.

CL swears by a strict yet simple routine of applying a quality hair mask to her hair once a week. By doing so, she maintains her hair’s health and vibrance. For someone who dyes her hair regularly, her hair color is always popping – and she attributes it to her hair masks!

If you are looking for a great Korean hair mask, the Good Day Hair Mask is a great choice featuring natural ingredients like Camellia, Honey and Macadamia.

3. Choose the right hair products for you

Girls’ Day Yura
Girls’ Day Yura

We all know Girls’ Day Yura as the idol who was backed by 500,000 won of insurance for her legs.

However, she’s not just a pretty face, with enviable long legs, and talent to boot. Her hair is simply astounding as well!

Her secret? Trial different products until you find the one that’s right for you. Just as everyone’s skincare requirements are different, so too is everyone’s hair composition.

Therefore, working out what shampoos, conditioners, and treatments work well specifically for your hair is a must for healthy hair!

For example, some people’s hair may be more damaged than others, whilst others may have an oilier scalp. Addressing your specific hair concerns will ensure a long healthy hair lifespan.

For more hair tips, make sure you read our 10-step Korean hair care routine.

4. Dry your hair with cool air – not hot

Hair Drier

Flipping the switch from cool to hot to quickly dry your hair before your sleep – we’ve all done it before. Who wants to wait another hour for your hair to dry when you’re tired and ready for bed?

Well, turns out that might be what’s further damaging your hair! Queen of K-dramas, Song Hye-Kyo, swears by using only cool air when drying and stylish her long, luscious locks.

The high heat from hairdryers is what causes damage such as brittleness in hair. On the other hand, cool air dries hair quickly and also retains its shine and vibrance.

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5. Never sleep with wet hair

Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye is a household name in Korea. Actress, singer, dancer – she’s the triple threat that everyone knows and loves. From her top-notch acting skills to her razor-sharp dance moves, she’s beloved by many. Her beauty and fashion style simply adds to her allure.

One tip that she’s imparted on us mere mortals is the fact that she never sleeps with wet hair.

Wet hair is notorious for impeding the health of your hair. For example, a damp scalp produces a ripe environment for bad bacteria and microorganisms to inhabit and grow. This can lead to problems such as eczema and psoriasis. Wet hair is also prone to breakages, such as when you toss and turn in your sleep against your pillow.

Ensure you don’t further damage your hair by drying it out completely before heading to bed.

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6. Avoid sunlight if you can

Tiffany of SNSD
Tiffany of SNSD

Tiffany of SNSD is a big advocate of protecting your hair from sunlight. Her healthy, luscious locks are a result of regular protection from heat damage caused by the sun. Just as your skin requires SPF every day, so too does your hair!

Tiffany often protects her hair with heat protectant creams and spray. This helps ensure that her hair doesn’t dry out, go brittle, or look dull. It’s the reason why her hair always looks so alive and vibrant everywhere she goes!

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7. Use Moroccan oil

UEE South Korea

Morocco oil is the holy grail of healthy hair for many, and it’s the same for South Korea’s very own UEE (formerly an After School member). UEE attributes her healthy, shiny hair to applying Moroccan oil to the ends of her hair daily.

Moroccan oil helps to nourish dry hair, revitalize damaged hair, and adds to its bounce and vibrance. With a schedule as busy as K-pop idols, if Moroccan oil is what keeps their hair looking so healthy, we’re not one to argue!

If you want to use products containing Moroccan oil, you can start with MISE EN SCENE Perfect Serum Original Shampoo. If you hair ask for more, get the Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack. 

8. Use a facial moisturizer

Irene Kim Korean Model
Irene Kim

Using a facial moisturizer may be a new tip for the majority of us, but for Korean model Irene Kim, it’s a staple in her beauty routine.

Irene has been open about her oily skin, and her oily hair sometimes contributes to aggravating her breakouts. Sometimes, hair produces excessive amounts of oil being of how dry they are.

Irene’s tip is to use any leftover facial moisturizer on the dry ends of your hair. They’ll tame and hydrate them, and remove the excessive oil production from the tips as well.

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9. Always opt for regular hair treatment

NCT 127
NCT 127

The K-pop industry has amassed countless groups who try to break the mold by coloring their hair in all sorts of crazy vibrant colors. This includes female groups as well as male groups. One group that comes to mind when we think of colorful hairdos is NCT 127. The male members of this group are not afraid to bleach their hair and color them all sorts of colors.

However, most of the members have a natural hair color of black. Regardless, their hair is always looking thick and shiny, regardless of what color it is.

The secret? Hair treatments.

Bond-building products such as those from global brand Olaplex are a lifesaver for those looking to save their brittle hair from further damage caused by bleaching. Hair serums are also a great daily-use product that can inject some health back into your hair.

10. Oil & water

Yoon Eun Hye
Yoon Eun Hye

You probably never thought you’d head the unlikely combo of oil and water being a secret tip to healthy, luscious locks. However, actress Yoon Eun Hye is here to silence the doubters.

The youthful Korean celebrity is almost 40 this year but she could easily be mistaken for a 20-something-year-old. Her sweet face is the object of envy for many, but it’s her healthy hair that helps give her the illusion of being so fresh and young.

She advises that a quick combination of water and two to three drops of hair oil will do wonders in combating the problem of oily scalps and split ends. She uses this method regularly to maintain her healthy hair. On days when she’s feeling like she’s having a bad hair day (let’s face it, we’ve all had them!), this also becomes her quick-fix hack to easily rectify it.

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What to avoid to keep healthy hair?

Overall, these tips will help you achieve gorgeous, luscious, vibrant locks, similar to the likes of your favorite idols. However, if we were to narrow it down to the main things to avoid if you want healthy hair, they would be:

  • Air dry or cool-dry your hair before bed. Sleeping with wet hair invites bacteria to grow on your scalp, and causes many skin issues. Hot heat also causes damage to your hair.
  • Choose the right products for your hair. The wrong shampoo or conditioner can further aggravate your hair concerns.
  • Treat your hair. Never skimp on treatments, especially if you’ve bleached or colored your hair.

Which K-pop idol has the healthiest hair?

How Do K-pop Idols Keep Their Hair Healthy

The debate is still open on which K-pop idol has the healthiest hair. The amount of maintenance that goes into maintaining healthy hair is insane and you have to give credit to all K-pop idols for looking after their hair the way they do.

In saying that, there is overwhelming support for IU having the most natural healthy hair in the industry. She is a celebrity who rarely bleaches or dyes her hair, and it shows in the way her hair always has a beautiful natural wave and vibrance in it.

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As for idols who have done everything under the sun to their hair and still have enviable locks, Rosé from BLACKPINK is a no-brainer. You can’t count on ten fingers the number of times she’s changed her hair for comebacks and concerts, and yet her hair still looks as though it’s as healthy as day one. You simply can’t fake the bounce and shine her hair exudes.

We hope you enjoyed this article about how K-pop idols keep their hair healthy. The tips and secrets divulged here are easy to follow and we highly recommend taking away a few to apply to your hair.

Who’s your favorite idol with healthy hair? Have we missed any K-pop idol hair tips? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to discuss more tips on how we can achieve the beautiful hair of our favorite idols!


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