20 Unmissable Things To Do During Spring In Korea [2024]

Things To Do In Korea During Spring

Spring is definitely the most beautiful time of the year. With flowers in full bloom, the surroundings become filled with beautiful colors and vibrant energy. The cold days of winter are nothing but a distant memory and a bright, optimistic mood infects everyone around you!

In Korea, spring is even more beautiful. With amazing flower festivals, fun activities, and delicious spring delicacies, you won’t want to miss visiting this country during spring.

When is spring in Korea?


Spring in Korea starts in the middle of March and lasts until around May. This season is definitely one of the tourism peaks in the country, especially during April. Lots of people flock to Korea to catch a sight of the amazing flowers in bloom and join in on the spring celebrations.

Should you visit South Korea in spring?


Absolutely! Spring is the country’s tourism peak for a reason. The comfortable weather, beautiful surroundings, and warmth of the locals are just some of the reasons why spring is such a popular month for tourists.

Of course, there are still some things you need to prepare beforehand regarding the weather. Spring in Korea is especially known for having an abundance of yellow dust and pollen in the air, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Still, it’s definitely worth it to visit during spring, and we’ll tell you why!

How’s the weather in Korea during spring?


Spring lasts for about three months, and over the course of these months, there can be some vast differences in weather. Spring is definitely warmer than winter, but it can still feel fairly cool until around mid-April. That’s why we advise everyone to bring a light jacket if you’re traveling to Korea during spring. It’s especially colder at night, so take that in mind as you plan your activities!

Rain is also pretty common during this time of the year, so make sure to pack an umbrella. Another thing to take in mind is the air quality during spring. Yellow dust is super common throughout the peninsula, which can trigger allergic reactions. To avoid this, make sure to wear a mask when you walk around and to drink plenty of water.

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The 20 Best Things To Do In Korea During Spring

1. Have Fun At The Gurye Sansuyu Festival


Spring is definitely the season for festivals. During this time, cities and provinces across Korea each have their own festival celebrating the beauty of spring. Up first we have the Gurye Sansuyu Festival in Jeolla Province. Jeolla Province is located a little far from Seoul, near the southern part of the country. It’s most easily accessible via plane, but you can also opt to take a train from Seoul.

We assure you, the trip will be worth it! “Sansuyu” refers to cornus fruit whose blossoms bloom in a bright yellow color. These flowers fill up entire branches of trees, and the vibrant sunny hue is definitely a sight to see!

Aside from sightseeing and taking scenic walks, there’s also plenty of other activities you can do here. From watching traditional music and dance performances to firework shows, this festival is definitely a must-see!

2. Blaze Up At The Jeju Fire Festival


Think you can handle the heat? Then head on over to one of the hottest festivals in the country!

The Jeju Fire Festival takes place annually on Jeju Island. As the island is off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, it’s best to go here via plane. There are a lot of things you can do at Jeju all year round, but if you’re visiting in spring, then you can’t miss the Jeju Fire Festival!

The night becomes ablaze as structures called “daljip” (meaning “moon houses”) are set aflame. According to traditional folk beliefs, setting these structures on fire would bring good fortune and protect the town from evil. It’s also a ritual done to ensure good and bountiful harvest. Until now, the Jeju Fire Festival is still going strong–drawing locals and tourists from all over the world!

Catch torch shows, fire performances, and more at the Jeju Fire Festival. If you get hungry, there are also plenty of food trucks and concessionaires around, so you can enjoy the events with a full stomach!

3. Enjoy The Jeju Canola Festival


If you’ve ever seen the movie “Canola” starring Hallyu star Kim Go-Eun, then you definitely know how beautiful Jeju’s canola fields can be. But they’re even more beautiful up close and in person!

The sight of these bright buttery yellow flowers in full bloom will immediately put you in a good mood. It’s impossible to feel sad or tired when you’re in the midst of such natural beauty! Canola fields can be seen throughout the entire Jeju Island, but the main spots are definitely Seopikoji, Noksan Road, Jeju Horse Park, and Sanbangsan.

4. Stroll Through Gwangyang Maehwa Plum Blossom Festival


When it comes to spring, of course we have to talk about flowers. And in Korea, there is an abundance of beautiful flower festivals for everyone to enjoy! One of the loveliest annual events is definitely the Gwangyang Maeha Plum Blossom Festival. Plum blossoms are considered one of the first signs of spring here in Korea. When these pretty pink flowers start to bloom, that’s when you know spring has come.

This March festival takes place in an area known as Maehwa Village. Located in Jeolla Province south of Seoul, Maehwa Village is one of the most famous spots to see plum blossoms. Here you’ll find over 200,000 square meters of plum trees! It’s an absolutely breathtaking spot that you just can’t miss.

At the Gwangyang Maehwa Plum Blossom Festival, you can also try unique delicacies like plum ice cream, plum wine, pickled plum, sweet plum puffs, and more!

5. Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival


No, Japan isn’t the only place to go to see cherry blossoms! Korea has its own renowned  cherry blossom spots that are definitely worth the visit. The most famous of all these spring flower festivals is definitely the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival which takes place in Changwon, a city outside Seoul that’s easily accessible via the KTX Train.

During spring, the whole city becomes covered in these beautiful ethereal flowers. It’s a completely mesmerizing and magical view that will make you feel like you’ve been transported into another world. While the entire city is famous for its spring cherry blossoms, the best areas to go to are definitely the Yeojwa Stream and Gyeonghwa Station.

Be warned, though, that this area gets pretty crowded. Everyone wants to take a photo of the amazing cherry blossoms! But we think going is definitely worth it. We wouldn’t miss this view for the world!

6. Witness a Miracle at the Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival


This next festival is one of epic, biblical proportions. Every spring, a miracle occurs in the district of Jindo. This place is again located in Jeolla Province, which is fast becoming one of Korea’s “spring capitals.”

Ever heard of the Biblical story about Moses parting the Red Sea? Well, the same thing happens right here in Jindo! The Yellow Sea parts Old-Testament-style, forming a 3-kilometer long pathway between Jindo Island and Modo Island.

Both tourists and locals join the celebration and witness this amazing feat of nature. The best part? You can actually walk between the two islands! You can even search for abandoned clams, shells, and abalone.

7. Relax at the Boseong Aromatic Tea Festival


Green tea has to be one of the most soothing and relaxing drinks there is. We can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than by having a nice warm cup made of freshly harvested green tea leaves. Thankfully, Korea has its very own celebration dedicated to green tea!

The Boseong Aromatic Tea Festival takes place at the largest tea plantation in Korea. Spring is the best season for green tea. You can see the plants at their peak here at Boseong in South Jeolla Province. The bright green symmetrical fields are definitely satisfying to the senses.

Here you can taste green tea ice cream, pick your own tea leaves, and educate yourself all about this wonderful tea.

8. Have a Taste of Spring


Spring is the season of new beginnings–not just for people, but for plants and animals too. New crops are in season, making spring the perfect time to try delicious new produce.

One spring staple is spring namul, a variety of edible leaves commonly served as banchan (side dishes) in traditional Korean cuisine. As such, namul vary every season, but spring is definitely the best time to try these. Spring namul are super fresh, jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, and of course, mouthwateringly delicious!

Mugwort, gondre, fernbrake, and wild chives are just some of the spring namul varieties. These pair amazingly with other traditional Korean meals–especially smokey barbecue!

Another spring favorite is called jjukkumi, also known as webfoot octopus! These are freshest and tastiest during March until May, which makes them the perfect spring meal. There are plenty of ways to cook jjukkumi, like stir-fried, grilled, or in shabu-shabu. The chewy texture and fresh flavor will definitely wow you!

Lastly, we can’t talk about spring favorites without mentioning king crabs. February until mid-March is the peak season for king crabs in Korea. Steamed whole, these king crabs taste soft, tender, and oh so delicious. As it’s a spring favorite, you can find restaurants specializing in king crabs all over the country during this season!

9. Go on an Island Tour


In Spring, Nami Island has absolutely adorable alpacas, flowers in full bloom, incredible weather, and tons of fun activities! What more can we ask for?

This island in Gangwon Province is one of the most popular spots in Korea for a reason. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, this little island is also bursting with different activities you can enjoy! From interacting with cute animals at Alpaca World to getting a taste of France at Petite France, Nami Island is definitely the place to be.

The best way to tour Nami Island is while riding a bicycle! Feel the wind in your hair as you get around the island on two wheels. It’s the best way to see the sights and have fun while you do so!

To know everything you need to know about Nami Island, check out our post.

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10. Become One with Nature at Pyunggang Botanical Park


While traveling, sightseeing can sometimes feel hectic and rushed. But not at Pyunggang Botanical Park! Located in Gyeonggi a few hours outside of Seoul and easily accessible through the Korail and KTX Trains is this beautiful little natural haven.

Over a thousand different species of plants, both native and foreign, can be found here. It’s one of the best parks to visit during spring in Korea as it will definitely provide you a healing experience. It’s divided into 12 themed areas each having a different microclimate. This means different species of plants can be found in the different areas! From rocky gardens to damp marshy wetlands, the Pyunggang Botanical Park has it all.

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11. Have a Photoshoot at the Pocheon Art Valley

Pocheon-Art-Valley-SculpturesIf you’re looking for a unique way to spend your time, then we definitely recommend the Pocheon Art Valley in Gyeonggi, just outside of Seoul.

This place used to be an old rock quarry. When it was abandoned, nature reclaimed it, and now it’s a beautiful art and culture center attracting many locals and tourists alike. Here you will see the impact of Mother Nature much more clearly.

The deep green waters of the lake and the sharp-angled cliffs make for the perfect photo spot. There’s also an astronomical observatory which makes it perfect for stargazing at night. The Pocheon Art Valley is one of the best places to stroll around, admire the amazing sculptures in the park, and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

12. Hike Seoraksan Mountain


Because Korea is a very mountainous region, hiking has become more and more popular as a hobby. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise and boost your cardiovascular health, it’s also one of the best ways to see the sights!

Seoraksan Mountain is the third tallest mountain in the country. Located very close to Seoul, it’s perhaps the most famous mountain for hiking and sightseeing. To reach the peak, we suggest dedicating an entire day to hiking. The view at the top will definitely take your breath away.

But if you don’t have that much time to spare, don’t worry. Seoraksan Mountain can still offer many other activities, like shorter walking trails and even cable cars. During spring, Seoraksan Mountain is at its best. The lush rolling fields and breathtaking cityscape are sights you won’t want to miss!

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13. Wander Through Naksan Park


If you’re looking for a mountain that’s a little less challenging, then we recommend Naksan Mountain! It’s located right in Seoul, between Hyehwa and Dongdaemun stations. To reach the top, you would only need around 30 minutes. In fact, you don’t even have to walk. A lot of buses can also drive you straight to the peak.

But if you’re not up for some mountain climbing, then you can just hang out at Naksan Park at the foot of the mountain. During spring, the entire area is covered in a variety of different plants and flowers in full bloom. Naksan Park is also famous for its amazing walls that have been around since ancient times. It’s an amazing blend of both past and present!

14. Spend the Day at Seoul Grand Park


Seoul Grand Park is much more than just a park. Located south of Seoul on the Line 4, Seoul Grand Park is a huge complex with lots of different attractions. We reckon you could spend the whole day here just to try out all of the different activities!

Inside the park, you can find various different areas like a large zoo! It’s the perfect place for visiting with family. The park itself is really great too, with a sparkling lake and incredible scenic views.

To get around the huge area, we recommend riding the park train which will take you around the lake. You can also take cable cars from one side of the lake to another. We especially recommend taking the cable cars during spring because the view of fresh nature from above just can’t be beaten.

15. Enjoy Seoul Land


If you’re in Seoul Grand Park, then you have to drop by Seoul Land! This amusement park is located right inside the Seoul Grand Park complex. Seoul Land is the perfect combination between a theme park and a natural park. Roughly one-third of its area is a green space perfect for picnics, walks, sightseeing, and more, while the rest of the area is full of thrilling attractions!

With over 40 rides including exciting roller coasters, go-karts, shooting ranges, 360-degree revolution rides, Seoul Land has something for everyone! Whether you’re a daredevil or a little bit faint of heart, we guarantee you’ll have a good time here. There’s also a movie theater here, and seasonal festivals are often held in the park.

16. Go Sightseeing at Seoul National Cemetery


Yes, you read that right. Seoul National Cemetery is actually a good spot for sightseeing as well. While not a typical tourist destination, we think it deserves some love for its beautiful nature. Seoul National Cemetery is especially famous for its dramatic weeping willows and cherry blossom trees that people say are there to pay respect to the lost lives.

Here you can also watch performances by the military band and take part in other fun activities like the cherry blossom photo competition. Just remember that this is still a cemetery, so make sure to remain respectful to your surroundings!

17. Conquer the Skies with Paragliding


If you’ve been wanting to try paragliding but just haven’t found the right opportunity yet, this is your sign! Did you know that there are plenty of beautiful paragliding spots all across Korea? The views are especially spectacular during spring. Witness the lush green fields and colorful flowers from up above!

One of the best places to try paragliding is definitely Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi Province. Yangpyeong is easily accessible via the KTX. You can take the KTX from Seoul Station and head directly to Yangpyeong Station.

Yangpyeong has the Korea Paragliding School which will give you everything you need to start paragliding, so don’t be intimidated! There are seasoned professionals to guide you, high-quality equipment, and all the information you might need.

In no time, you’ll be flying through the skies and seeing a whole new world from up above!

18. Rock Out at the Hiphoppolaya Festival


Calling all hip-hop fans, music lovers, and all-around lovers of a good time! Hiphoppolaya is one of Korea’s biggest music festivals and it takes place yearly at Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul. Over the course of a two-day weekend, this festival transforms Seoul into a wild and thrilling concert arena.

From up-and-coming artists to seasoned and established professionals from both Korea and abroad, Hiphoppolaya Festival is something you won’t want to miss. It only happens during the last weekend of April, so make sure you tune in!

19. Strut Down Seoul Fashion Week


Are you a certified fashionista or a hopeless cause in dire need of some fashion advice? Whatever the case, we think going to Seoul Fashion Week would definitely be a memorable experience. After all, Korean fashion is getting more and more worldwide recognition for being chic, effortless, and at the forefront of trends.

Witness tons of models and designers showcase their spring collections at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. Seoul Fashion Week usually takes place during March, so it’s the perfect spring activity for those looking for some fashion inspiration!

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20. Have a Cherry Blossom Food Trip


Yes, you read that right! To celebrate the season and welcome the cherry blossoms in full bloom, many restaurants and companies release their own lines of cherry blossom-flavored snacks! These unique seasonal desserts and drinks are definitely a must-try. If you’ve never tried to eat cherry blossoms before, then now is the time to do so! The light and sweet taste will go perfectly with cakes, lattes, and more.

During spring, many coffee shops will have their own cherry blossom-flavored drinks for a limited amount of time–even big coffee chains like Starbucks! Look out for cherry blossom-flavored lattes, cakes, green teas, and more.

Aside from cafes, convenience stores also put out their own line of cute cherry blossom-flavored snacks. From bright pink ice cream, Pocky, popcorn, chips, to cute drinks like sakura-flavored sodas and teas, you will definitely have a wide variety of cherry blossom snacks to choose from. Aside from being super cute and Instagram-worthy, these unique snacks can also fill up your appetite!

I hoped you like our ultimate travel guide to spring in Korea! Which activity are you most excited to try?

Spring is a season that just makes everyone happy. The beautiful surroundings and warmer weather will instantly put you in a good mood, especially if you travel to such a scenic country like Korea.

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