The 12 Best Things To Do In Nami Island You Have To Do

Best Things To Do In Nami Island

Travel season is here!

We all know South Korea has become one of the most famous countries to travel to in the past years. From the iconic beaches of Busan and Jeju Island to the historical landmarks in Icheon and Jeonju, Korea definitely has amazing sights for everyone to enjoy.

But did you know about the hidden gem you can go to that’s not too far from Seoul?

Nami Island is a small half-moon-shaped river island located in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. It’s a very picturesque island that tourists can’t ignore!

If you want to learn more about this hidden paradise, then read on. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Nami Island!

Is Nami Island Worth It?


The short answer is: Yes, definitely!

Namiseom or Nami Island is a little piece of heaven in Korea. It’s a picturesque place all year round. From a lush oasis during spring, it transforms into the perfect place to cool down in summer. Then it becomes a warm and cozy sanctuary during autumn, all before becoming the most beautiful snowy wonderland during winter.

With tons of sights to see and activities to indulge in, we’re sure Nami Island has something to offer everybody. It may be a small island, but we’re sure you’ll never get bored exploring all the different tourist spots and adventures!

You won’t regret visiting this picture-perfect place. To convince you even more, we’ll show you how this island has even captivated the hearts of the most famous K-drama actors and actresses!

What K-dramas Were Filmed On Nami Island?


All thanks to its breathtaking scenery all year round, Nami Island has been used as the location for many K-dramas. Romantic dramas are especially popular on Nami Island. It’s just the perfect backdrop for falling in love!

If you’re a K-drama fan, then you definitely know about the iconic “Winter Sonata” starring Bae Yong-Joon and Choi Ji-Woo. Most of the drama was filmed on Nami Island during the winter season. The snowy and peaceful background definitely added to the romantic and intimate atmosphere of the drama.


More recently, the Filipino-Korean romantic comedy show “My Korean Jagiya” was also filmed on the island! Starring beloved Filipina actress Heart Evangelista and the popular Korean idol-actor Alexander Lee, the drama captivated audiences worldwide back in 2017.

When you look at a picture of the alluring island, then you’ll see exactly why it’s become such a popular filming spot! K-drama fans will definitely have fun exploring the island and visiting all the iconic spots from their favorite shows.

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The 12 Best Things To Do On Nami Island


Aside from being a popular filming location, Nami Island also offers a lot of different activities for tourists. We’ve compiled just 12 sights and activities that will help you explore Nami Island to the fullest.

1. Central Korean Pine Tree Lane


Up first is the famous Central Korean Pine Tree Lane. These lush trees are ready to greet you when you first arrive on the island. The towering pines give a crisp and calming atmosphere that’s both refreshing and rejuvenating.

The Central Korean Pine Tree lane is a new adventure depending on when you visit. During the day, you’re free to enjoy the towering trees complementing the vibrant landscape. At night, get ready to be transported straight to a fairytale as the hanging lamps lighting your way give off a magical glow.

2. First Kiss Glass Sequoia Bridge


The First Kiss Glass Sequoia Bridge is one of the reasons why Nami Island became so popular with tourists. Any K-drama fanatic would know that this is the place where Joon-Sang and Yoo-Jin from “Winter Sonata” had their first kiss!

Visiting this picturesque glass bridge will definitely make your trip memorable. And who knows? Maybe you can even recreate that iconic first kiss with your special someone!

3. Kang Joon-Sang and Jung Yoo-Jin Statue


Speaking of Kang Joon-Sang and Jung Yoo-Jin from “Winter Sonata,” did you know that Nami Island also has an amazing tribute for them?

To commemorate the two iconic characters, the island has a towering figure of the two of them holding each other’s arms. The sweet gesture paired with the beautiful scenery makes this a must-visit for any hopeless romantic!

4. Winter Sonata Memorial Pictures


“Winter Sonata” fans, Nami Island has yet another treat for you!

The popularity of this worldwide hit is just undeniable. Even after it has been more than two decades since its release in 2002, “Winter Sonata” has remained one of the most beloved K-dramas in the world.

Here on Nami Island, you can find all sorts of pictures from the drama. From the classic scenes and even to behind-the-scenes photos, get ready to relive the best and most emotional parts of “Winter Sonata.”

5. UNICEF Charity Train


With so many amazing sights to see on Nami Island, you might not get to them all! Luckily, you can ride the UNICEF Charity Train to maximize your time and make sure you get to travel all over the island.

Thanks to the UNICEF Charity Train, you can take in all of the amazing views right from your seat.

You can board the train either at Nami Wharf Train Station or from Central Train Station. Each ride costs just ₩3,000 or around $2.50 per person!

6. Bike Center


Another way to get around the island is by going on a bike ride! Especially for first-time visitors of Nami Island, cycling is a great and unique way of exploring the island.

When you’re biking, you also have the freedom to visit whatever destination you want without worrying about other people.

The Bike Center offers 3 kinds of bike rides: Bicycle, Sky-Bike, and Electric Tri-Way.

For the Bicycle option, the rental fee is just ₩5,000 ($4) for 30 minutes, or ₩8,000 ($6.50) for 1 hour. You can also choose to rent a single bike or opt for a couple ride.

7. Sky-Bike


If you want something more unique and exciting than just a regular bike ride, then Nami Island has just the thing for you!

The Sky-Bike is a popular activity for those who want to look at the sights from a bird’s eye view. Let go of your fear of heights and get ready to peddle your way among the clouds!

For just ₩3,000 ($2.50) for adults and ₩2,000 ($1.60) for kids, you can enjoy the beautiful Nami Island scenery from high up in the sky!

8. Ostrich Farm


Did you know that Nami Island even has ostriches?

It may be surprising, but the biggest birds in the world can be found right here! The ostriches are free to roam around in a fenced area. You’ll even be amazed by their amazing running skills to make up for the fact that they can’t fly!

These gentle giants are also quite used to the tourists, so don’t be afraid to visit them and take some memorable pictures.

9. Nami Island Millennium Waterfall


All the wonders of this place just don’t stop. Nami Island even has its own waterfall!

The Nami Island Millennium Waterfall is popular among visitors for being a good spot to wind down. The manmade structure definitely stands out. The clear flowing water perfectly complements the lush background and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

To top it all off, there are also several seats surrounding the area, making it the perfect spot to rest and refresh yourself!

10. Forest Adventure TreeGo & TreeCoaster


One of the newest attractions on Nami Island is the Forest Adventure! From zip-lines, to trampolines, swings, barrels, and more, this adventure zone definitely has something for everyone!

With lots of thrilling activities and rides, Forest Adventure is perfect for the whole family. Kids will definitely have a lot of fun going on their own adventures. Adults (and the kids at heart!) will also enjoy everything this popular spot has to offer.

11. Dodamsambong Garden


One of the most picturesque spots on the whole island is the Dodamsambong Garden. Created as a miniature replica of the Dodamsambong Peak at the Namhangang River, the Dodamsambong Garden is definitely a must-see.

The huge stone peaks and the calming lotus pond will immediately catch your attention. You can enjoy a picnic with your loved ones while keeping an eye out for all the colorful birds who like to roost on the water.

12. Ginkgo Tree Lane


And last but definitely not the least, no trip to Nami Island is complete without visiting the Ginkgo Tree Lane!

These ancient beauties will take your breath away the moment you see them. Ginkgo trees are also unique for being the oldest species of tree alive. That’s why many also call it a “living fossil.” They have been around for thousands of years!

The statuesque trees have vibrant yellow leaves that will definitely look perfect on your Instagram feed!

How To Get To Nami Island From Seoul?


Now that we’ve piqued your interest, we’re sure you’re dying to know how to go to Nami Island!

To get to the island from Seoul, you first need to head to Gapyeong Station.

To get here, you can either take the metro train from Yongsan Station to Sangbong Station, transfer to the Gyeongchun Line, then take the train directly to Gapyeong Station. This option takes about an hour and a half and costs around ₩2,350 ($2.80).


Another option is to take the ITX Cheongchun, which will take you directly from Yongsan Station to Gapyeong Station. This option is more convenient and also faster, taking only about an hour to reach Gapyeong. On the other hand, it’s a little more expensive at ₩4,900 ($5.70) – ₩5,200 ($6) per seat.

Once you’re in Gapyeong Station, you then need to go to the Gapyeong Ferry Wharf. You can take a taxi directly to the wharf. You can also ride the Gapyeong City Tour Bus, which costs ₩8,000 ($6.50) for adults and ₩6,000 ($5) for kids.

And finally, once you’re in Gapyeong Ferry Wharf, the only thing left to do is to ride the ferry straight to Nami Island! Ferries run from 7:30 AM to 9:40 PM daily. There are ferries around every 30 minutes. The cost for a roundtrip adult ticket is just ₩16,000 ($13)!

What do you think? Is visiting Nami Island now part of your South Korea bucket list? Make sure to comment below which part of the island you’re most excited to visit!

From picturesque sights to thrilling rides, Nami Island definitely has it all!

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