When Is The Best Time To Travel To South Korea & Why [Explained]

Best Time To Travel To South Korea

These days, one of the top travel destinations is definitely South Korea. South Korea is the country where the old meets the new and the East meets the West. It’s the place to get that perfect mix of traditional practices and modern pop culture. After all, these days there’s not a single person alive who hasn’t heard of K-Pop!

Looking to travel to South Korea and live the K-drama fantasy of your dreams? We’ve got you covered. For this post, we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about the best times to travel to this incredible destination. If you want more travel tips, just read on!

The Weather In Korea Throughout The Year


The weather in South Korea is pretty straightforward. The year is neatly divided into four seasons which remain pretty uniform throughout the country. There are only minimal regional variations when it comes to climate.

The year opens to a freezing cold winter from January to around March. After that, a lovely spring season blooms from about April to June. Summers in Korea, between July and August, can feel a bit muggy and humid. You can also expect a typhoon or two to occur during this season. Finally, a crisp autumn season begins around September to November.

The Best Time To Travel To South Korea & Why

While Korea is undoubtedly gorgeous all year round, there are certain seasons that are more favorable than others. Of the country’s four seasons, two stand out as the best times to travel due to their weather and the range of activities you can do in each season.



If you’re looking for the perfect travel experience, then visiting during spring may just be the right move. During spring, Korea absolutely transforms into a real-life painting with incredible landscapes and beautiful flowers blooming all around. If you thought cherry blossoms were only available in Japan, then think again! Korea has its own beautiful cherry blossom groves all across the country, especially in the city of Gyeongju down south.

Spring is also one of the best times to visit due to the weather. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, with temperatures averaging around 15-18 °C (~59-65°F). Spring days are sunny but not overbearingly so, and cool breezes can still be found throughout the day.

There’s plenty to do in Korea during summer. The sight of cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, canola fields, and more will definitely soothe your soul! Aside from sightseeing, you can also relax or maybe even hike in various National Parks like Seoraksan and Jirisan. In spring, there are also tons of cool festivals like the Jeju Fire Festival, the Gurye Sansuyu Festival, and more!

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Another peak travel season happens during autumn. In autumn, Korea truly comes alive as the trees burst into hues of gold, orange, and fiery red. The autumnal landscapes are truly breathtaking, especially at Naejangsan National Park, Odaesan National Park, and more!

Autumn is a sentimental season, which also makes it one of the best times to go outdoors and visit quaint spots like the Ginkgo Tree Road, Changdeokgung Palace, Olympic Park, and more. But aside from sightseeing, there are plenty of other things you can do in Korea during autumn. The famous Andong Mask Festival takes place during this season, as well as the groovy Jarasum International Jazz Festival that draws patrons from all over the world.

Aside from the stunning natural landscapes, what draws tourists to Korea during autumn is the cool and crisp weather. With temperatures averaging around 19-21°C (~66-69°F), you can stroll through the streets comfortably. Be prepared, though, for cooler nights and the occasional (but not often) rainfall.

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Visiting Korea In Summer – Pros & Cons


Of course, you can also visit Korea during the Summer. Be warned, however, that there are certain cons (and pros!) when it comes to visiting Korea during this season, which lasts between July and August. Summer is the hottest time of the year in this country, with temperatures ranging between 23-30°C (~73-86°F). This may not seem too bad, but summers in Korea can get pretty muggy and humid because summer also means typhoon season!

Despite that, there is still plenty of stuff you can do during summer here. For one thing, you can escape the heat by going cafe-hopping in air-conditioned coffee shops and drinking iced coffees! You can also escape to seaside cities like Busan where the heat is a little more bearable.

The summer heat has also made Koreans come up with some wacky festivals to cool themselves down–like the Sinchon Water Gun Festival and the Boryeong Mud Festival! Summer is the season of festivals of all kinds, including the famous Waterbomb Festival featuring the hottest K-Pop stars. Of course, Korea also has plenty of gorgeous sparkling beaches you can spend time in during summer. You won’t run out of things to do!

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Visiting Korea In Winter – Pros & Cons


If Korea gets uncomfortably hot during summer, it can also get uncomfortably cold during winter! Truly a land of extremes, Korean winters bring a sudden drop in temperature come December that can last until March. Temperatures reach as low as -20°C (-4°F) on occasion, especially in the colder northern provinces like Gangwon.

If you can handle the cold, then we definitely recommend visiting Korea during wintertime as well. The entire country gets transformed into a winter wonderland that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale! The charming atmosphere of Nami Island is a must-visit during this time. You can also visit the Garden of Morning Calm for a truly picturesque experience.

Once the snow starts, you can also enjoy winter sports like skiing in Vivaldi Park, ice fishing at Gangwon, and more! The white-capped mountains of Bukhansan are also a lovely sight to see during this time. You can even go hiking to fight the cold and bring some heat back to your body!

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We hope you enjoyed our travel guide! Which season are you planning your trip in? Let us know in the comments!

Korea is definitely beautiful all year round, but there are still certain pros and cons when it comes to visiting during specific seasons. From lush landscapes to a variety of different activities, traveling to Korea can be fun for anybody!

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