The 15 Coolest & Most Unique Hotels In Seoul You Should Book In 2024

Unique and Cool Hotels in Seoul

Seoul is the center of South Korea’s top trends and innovations. From fashion to architecture, there’s plenty to see in the city!

Choosing the right hotel is a must if you want to enjoy Seoul to the fullest. But some hotels are not like the others. In some of the coolest hotels in Seoul, you’ll encounter robots manning the front desk! You’ll even get to learn about Korean cinema, or enjoy a hot tub bath while gazing at the Hangang River.

Keep on reading to discover some of the coolest and most unique hotels in Seoul!

The 15 Most Unique Hotels In Seoul

Check out our list of the coolest hotels in Seoul that you should definitely book:

  1. Hotel The Designers Jongno
  2. Henn na Hotel
  3. L’Escape Hotel
  4. Hotel28 Myeongdong
  5. Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel
  6. SR Hotel Sadang
  7. Rakkojae Seoul
  8. La Casa Hotel
  9. L7 Hongdae by Lotte
  10. Vista Walkerhill Seoul
  11. Makers Hotel
  12. Hotel Boutique 9
  13. Seoul Cube
  14. Handpicked Hotel & Collections
  15. UH Suite the Myeongdong

1. Hotel The Designers Jongro

If you’re after variety, you might want to check out Hotel The Designers! They have many branches in Seoul. But, their Jongro branch is a top favorite.

Their incredible specialty rooms will leave you awestruck! In one of their rooms, you’ll even feel like you’re sleeping in a spaceship.

Hotel The Designers Room 1

If you want to keep the party going all night, you can stay in their club-themed room. It even has a pole for dancing!

Hotel The Designers Room 2

Or, if you want a splash of color, you can spend the night in this graffiti-style, card-themed room.

Hotel The Designers Room 3

Book it here: Hotel The Designers Jongro

2. Henn Na Hotel

Found in the busy district of Myeongdeong, this hotel is one of the most unique stays on this list. Henn Na Hotel is certified by the Guinness World Records for a reason. It’s the first hotel where robots actually work!

Henn na Hotel Front DeskAt the front desk, a pair of robots will help you check-in and check-out. A mobile, cylinder-shaped robot even handles room service delivery. In the reception area, a pair of dinosaurs will come to greet you, who look as if they’re emerging from a cloud!

While the rooms are surprisingly normal, they have the latest technology. For your stay, you’ll also meet Giga Genie. It’s a virtual assistant who you can tap to reach the reception or to request room service.

Henn na Hotel Room

Book it here: Henn Na Hotel

3. L’Escape Hotel

L'Escape Hotel Suite 1

Do you want to experience a Parisian getaway right in the middle of Seoul? You’ve come to the right place! L’Escape is a boutique hotel that offers timeless Parisian-themed amenities and accommodations.

The lovely and elegant interior (called Belle Époque) is sure to woo the inner romantic in you. They have suites fit for royalty and even a room that’s pet-friendly! Spending the night in these timeless rooms will make you think you’ve gone back to the past.

L'Escape Hotel Bedroom 1

When you enter, the most intricately designed reception area will greet you. But, the belle of the this hotel is their library! It’s a sophisticated lounge inspired by the elegant salons in 19th century Paris.

L'Escape Hotel Library

Book it here: L’Escape Hotel

4. Hotel28 Myeongdong

Hotel28 will make you feel like you’re staying the night at a cinema rather than a hotel! Its retro interior and cinema-inspired facilities are perfect for film lovers. Retro film cameras and photos of film stars fill the hotel’s common areas.

Hotel28 Myeongdong Museum

Staying in the sleek and modern rooms will make you feel like a movie star!

Hotel28 Myeongdong Rooftop

There’s even a small theater showing regular events and a museum on Korean cinema. What’s more, you can enjoy the cityscape on their aesthetic roof deck.

Book it here: Hotel28 Myeongdong

5. Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel

At this Itaewon-based hotel, you’ll experience the district’s nightlife to the fullest! Classy, fun, and unique are the best words to describe this hotel.

Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel Lobby

Most of the rooms are painted white, but they’re far from simple. Colorful furniture and eye-catching wall art will give you that pop of color you need in the room.

Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel Room

It has complete facilities, such as a fitness center. But this hotel is most known for how near it is to popular landmarks in Itaewon.

Book it here: Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel

6. SR Hotel Sadang

SR Hotel Sadang Suite

Looking for cool, sleek, and luxurious interiors? Then, SR Hotel Sadang is the place for you! It offers some of the most elegant accommodations in Seoul at a reasonable price.

Relax in state of the art rooms while looking upon Seoul’s cityscape. All the rooms have a contemporary design and an intimate atmosphere. It’s unique from other hotels because of its dark interior.

Even the bathrooms are spared no expense! This hotel is truly the epitome of comfort and style.

Book it here: SR Hotel Sadang

Real this to discover more travel tips to explore South Korea!

7. Rakkojae Seoul

Rakkojae offers a unique hanok stay experience. What makes it different is that it follows a “village inn” concept. Two of its hanoks are distributed across the entire Bukchon Hanok Village.

Rakkojae Main Hanok Exterior

This patio room is one of the most popular choices in their main hanok stay. Here, you can feel the harmony of nature and history over a cup of tea. You can find this in their Main Hanok in the village.

Rakkojae Main Hanok Patio

In Bukchon Binkwan, found in another part of the village, you can find this elegant room:

Rakkojae Sarangbang

It features an indoor tea room with a view of their beautiful gardens! There’s also a private balcony where you can admire the surrounding nature.

Book it here: Rakkojae Seoul

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8. La Casa Hotel

Located in Gangnam, this boutique hotel offers classy yet comfortable accommodations. Imagine you’re spending the night in a summer villa in the middle of the city. That’s exactly the vibe you’ll get staying in La Casa Hotel.

Rich colors, and simple yet stylish furniture are present in every room.

La Casa Hotel Bedroom 1

Their lobby also has a sunlit workspace and library. There’s also a fitness center if you need it.

La Casa Hotel Lobby

Apart from that, they also have a cool lounge and rooftop bar! It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day touring the city.

La Casa Hotel Rooftop

Book it here: La Casa Hotel

9. L7 Hongdae by LOTTE

L7 Hongdae is one of the more popular hotels on this list, and with good reason! It boasts a variety of amenities and lots of cool spaces.

Each room follows a minimalist look for maximum style. Muted colors emphasize the classy vibe of every room.

L7 Hongdae by LOTTE Bedroom 1

But what people are raving about is its lounge area! Vintage guitars and turntables line the walls, adding to its cool vibe.

L7 Hongdae by LOTTE Lounge

There’s also a uniquely designed pool area right next to the lounge. It’s definitely one of the trendiest places to stay in Seoul.

L7 Hongdae by LOTTE Pool

Book it here: L7 Hongdae by LOTTE

10. Vista Walkerhill Seoul

Vista Walkerhill is one of the most sophisticated hotels in Seoul. It has everything a guest may need: from comfy rooms, a great view, and even a spa!

Vista Walkerhill Seoul 1Each room has the most comfortable rounded mattresses, which are unique in hotels. Some rooms even have panoramic sights of the city.Vista Walkerhill Seoul 2

What’s unique about the hotel is that it offers a sauna and open-air bath. The view of the Hangang River from the window will help relax your mind and body.

Vista Walkerhill Seoul 3

Book it here: Vista Walkerhill Seoul

11. Jongno Makers X Pretty Hotel

Makers Hotel Front Desk

Found in the Jongno district, this hotel is the definition of urban chic! Its iconic gray brick walls and classy leather furniture gives it a unique character.

Makers Hotel Lobby

Rooms are designed with a grunge and urban look. It puts a different twist on the modern and industrial!

Makers Hotel Room

Book it here: Jongno Makers X Pretty Hotel

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12. Le Mong Hotel

Upon entering this stylish hotel, you’ll feel like you’re visiting a European gallery. This boutique hotel provides plenty of room styles you can choose from. Whatever you pick, we guarantee you’ll be feasting your senses on what this trendy hotel has to offer.

Le Mong Hotel Lobby

If you’re into more contemporary designs, you can choose this deluxe room:

Le Mong Hotel Room 2

Otherwise, you can stay in this cozy room beautified by East Asian-style wooden doors:

Le Mong Hotel Room

Book it here: Le Mong Hotel

13. Seoul Cube

If you’re looking for an affordable yet unique hotel option, then a capsule hotel might be for you. You can find Seoul Cube in the lively Itaewon district. It’s perfect for travelers who just want to stay in the district briefly.

At this hotel, you’ll be sleeping in these wooden boxes called pods or capsules. Each capsule has a comfortable mattress and a built-in table which you can use.

Seoul Cube Pod

There’s also a café serving specialty breakfast for hotel guests.

Seoul Cube Cafe 2

Book it here: Seoul Cube

14. Handpicked Hotel & Collections

Staying here will make you feel like you booked a room at a museum, not a hotel.

Handpicked Hotel and Collections Lobby

Handpicked Hotel & Collections is a contemporary style hotel perfect for minimalist lovers. Each room is pristine and calming.

Handpicked Hotel and Collections Room

The hotel even has a fireplace at the center of the lobby. There’s also a cool working space available if you need it. Talk about cozy sophistication!

Handpicked Hotel and Collections Fireplace

Book it here: Handpicked Hotel & Collections

15. UH Suite The Myeongdong

At this hotel, the traditional and modern unite to create the perfect space! This Myeongdong-based hotel features extravagant spa suites to soothe the body and soul.

UH Suite The Myeongdong Suite

Every room has comfortable beddings, traditional lamps, and even ceramic tea sets.

UH Suite The Myeongdong RoomBut what we really love about this hotel are the hot tubs! You can soak all the tension away while looking at Seoul’s busy cityscape.

UH Suite the Myeongdong Bath

Book it here: UH Suite The Myeongdong

I hope you enjoyed this list of unique hotels in Seoul!

Booking a room in any of these hotels will guarantee a cool and fun experience. After a long day of touring Seoul, it’d feel heavenly to have a good hotel to go back to.

Which among these hotels would you like to stay in? Do you know other unique hotels in Seoul? Let us know in the comments below!

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