How Do K-Pop Idols Deal With Body Hair? 7 Insider Tips

How Do K-Pop Idols Deal With Body Hair

With K-pop idols seemingly having the perfect lives, one does start to wonder how they deal with many of life’s inconveniences.

Do they actually get their driver’s licenses, or do they get driven around everywhere?

When was the last time they had a Lotteria burger? Do they even remember what it tastes like?

And of course, the most mundane questions that we’ve all thought about: how do K-pop idols deal with body hair?

Mere mortals such as you and I have likely collectively groaned at the thought of having to deal with body hair, especially in the summer months. Now, imagine that you’re a K-pop idol, constantly in the public eye, adored by hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world.

The stress of dealing with body hair would be so real!

Jennie Blackpink
Jennie (Blackpink)

The concept of being hairless is one that is slowly being challenged by fans and idols alike. More and more people are speaking up about how body hair is natural and it shouldn’t be a thing to be ashamed of.

However, within the South Korean entertainment industry, it’s still very much a taboo topic. 

With that in mind, below we’ve got some tips on how K-pop idols deal with their body hair. 

Let’s have a read!

1. Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal South Korea

For most idols these days, laser hair removal is the creme de la creme option to deal with body hair. The process is super-fast, super affordable, and incredibly convenient.

The process of laser is quite simple: shave the area that you want to get the laser hair removal, and then go and get the laser hair removal. Most areas around the body will only take a few minutes per session. It’s so quick that you can literally go and get a session on your lunch break!

Laser hair removal is so popular in South Korea that there are always sales and promotions happening. Most places will offer package deals (for example, purchase 10+ sessions for a discount, etc). This will ensure that the idol will keep returning to the same salon. This also keeps the idol in check so that they regularly attend their laser hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Removal South Korea

Because of how popular laser hair removal is in South Korea, idols can access laser hair removal clinics almost anywhere, making it an incredibly convenient option. As opposed to shaving or waxing, they won’t need to dispose of wax sheets or shaved hair.

They simply need to turn up, get the laser treatment, and leave. Super convenient for idols, or anyone for the matter!

For idols just getting into the game, makeup artists will recommend that they at least get laser hair removal around the face to get rid of the peach fuzz. Once idols use laser hair removal for facial hair, their makeup application will become much smoother and dewier.

Generally speaking, laser hair removal is the golden standard for hair removal and is the number one option for all idols today.

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2. Wax


Waxing is not as popular an option as laser hair removal today, but if an idol were to get a wax, it might be during summer when they’re looking to get a bikini wax or bikini line.

Not many idols will go for a full-body wax because of how popular laser hair removal is these days. It’s often more affordable, certainly longer-lasting, and generally more easily accessible.

Waxing South Korea

Also, waxing is observed as a more painful option than laser hair removal, which is why most idols tend to opt for laser hair removal instead. However, if there is a time when idols forget to get laser hair removal for a stage performance or TV show appearance, it would seem that waxing is their next best option.

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3. Shave

Young Korean girl is using a razor to shave armpit hair

Similarly to waxing, not many idols shave. At least, not many idols simply shave and leave it at that. As mentioned earlier, to achieve optimum laser hair removal results, idols are told to shave the areas that they want to be lasered before they head into their laser session.

Most idols don’t simply shave because shaving alone will not achieve desirable hair removal results. When you shave, as opposed to laser or waxing, your body hair will grow back quicker and relatively coarser. Some people believe it also grows back darker as well.

Also, when you shave there is a chance you will cut yourself. As an idol who is often entertaining in the public eye, having an abrasion that’s visible anywhere on your body will definitely be noticed by fans and discussed. Not an ideal reason to be in the news!

Some idols might find laser hair removal and waxing too scary or painful, though, and so shaving is their next best option.

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4. Pluck

Pluck Eyebrows

Plucking is a form of hair removal that most idols have only partaken in before their idol days. Simply put, idols don’t have the time to sit there and pluck out their body hair. Plucking involves removing each individual hair one by one – a painful, lengthy, and paltry experience.

However, idols starting out who are trying to save money or idols who have simply forgotten to get laser hair removal before certain events will sometimes turn to pluck their hair for an immediately available option.

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5. Shave, Pluck & Trim Eyebrows

Irene Red Velvet
Irene (Red Velvet)

Eyebrows are a delicate hair subject, as they can completely change the way people look. We all know how important appearance is in the South Korean entertainment industry, so it stands to reason that their eyebrows are given special care when it comes to K-pop idols.

The perfectly manicured and shaped eyebrows that you see on your favorite idols are almost never natural. They have been shaved, plucked, trimmed, colored in, and drawn by the most talented makeup artists.

An ex-Kpop idol has opened up on YouTube about one time she decided to pluck her own eyebrows at home. When she rocked up to her makeup artist’s chair the next day, they immediately noticed and told her not to touch them at home.

As you can see, if you’re an idol, eyebrows are definitely better left for professionals.

As for non-idols reading this, best to head to your local beauty clinic and let them do their magic!

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6. Laser & Brighten Armpits

Rosé Blackpink Armpits
Rosé of Blackpink

Most of the time, idols will have laser treatment for their underarms. Because of how affordable it is, the more you purchase, the cheaper it gets, thus becoming a reliant cycle on laser treatment for the underarms.

One of the main reasons why people choose to get laser hair removal for their underarms is because if you regularly attend 10 sessions or so, your hair will almost completely disappear and never grow back. Super convenient!

If you try to shave it for a long time, there will be some leftover dark pigmentation patches on your armpits. With, laser hair removal, this is significantly reduced. If there are remnants of dark patches left under the armpits, idols will often use brightening cream to lighten the patch.

With male idols, they may need to get it more often or attend extra sessions because their hair is often thicker. For this reason, they’d require more treatments to completely remove it.

7. Male Body Hair Removal

Taeyong of boy band NCT
Taeyong of boy band NCT

There is a particular contraption in Korea that’s made specifically for male K-pop idols. It’s described as more of a trimmer rather than a shaver. It doesn’t completely remove hair, but instead makes it look like there is significantly less hair.

Male hair awareness has been increasing in recent years, especially as more and more international fans voice their surprise at how hairless male idols are. Thus, having a baby face is not the top-tier standard any longer, but rather just looking clean and well-groomed is the ideal.


When it comes to male hair grooming, it is usually done by makeup artists. It is usually used on the face, the legs, and the underarms.

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There you have it, our top 7 tips on how K-pop idols deal with body hair!

It might be significantly different from how you deal with body hair, simply because K-pop idols have more money to spend and have certain standards to meet.

However, given just how affordable such things as laser hair removal is in South Korea ($50 for ten sessions, what!), it might not be that different. If you’re from South Korea or are living there, it seems as though laser hair removal is the way to go.

If you’re not from South Korea, try and look up laser hair clinics around your local area. It’s been noted, though, that laser hair removal in certain countries is quite expensive and simply not affordable.

Which tip did you enjoy reading about the most? Let us hear it in the comments section!

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