How Do K-Pop Idols Don’t Sweat? [EXPLAINED]

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Ever watched a performance video of your favorite idols and thought: “Do they even sweat?” Let’s admit it. If we were the ones dancing our hearts out onstage, we would be sweating buckets just trying to get the moves right.

So how do K-Pop idols maintain that sweatless look? This guide will cover all you need to know. Keep reading to get pits as flawless and sweatless as a Kpop star!

Do K-Pop Idols Sweat? What You Should Know

Blackpink on stage

You probably think that Koreans have this god-like ability that keeps them from sweating. But that doesn’t apply to every Korean out there. And our favorite idols are no exception.

K-Pop idols are humans, and they’re not immune to sweat. Things can get pretty heated if they have to dance under blaring spotlights or in the summer heat.

Idols do get tired, and they sweat a lot after shows and music video shoots. Raw pictures during their performances often give this away.

K-Pop music video directors Hong Won Ki and Kim Jun (ZANYBROS) have seen this firsthand. They’ve witnessed idols sweat. Especially when they have to redo their choreography in multiple takes.

Still, there’s nothing that good cinematography and video editing can’t do!

But what about during live performances? How do idols deal with sweat, on top of getting the choreography right and singing their lines? Here are some of the things our favorite idols do to keep their sweat in check.

How Do K-Pop Idols Deal with Excessive Sweating?

Itzy Ryujin

As mentioned earlier, K-Pop idols do sweat. They’ve just gotten good at hiding it.

K-Pop idols already do a lot of exercise from practicing for countless hours. Because of this, some of them may not even sweat as much.

But sweating isn’t something that idols can control. So how do some of our favorite idols address this?

One of the ways they do this is by using the right products to maintain their look. MAMAMOO’s Solar uses several products to keep herself from sweating. She admitted that she sweats on her back, armpits, and head.

That’s why she opts to use products like a scalp-cooling spray to keep her head cool and refreshed. She also uses a cooling sheet, like the ones we use for fevers, to keep the heat down. Solar also recommends using a scented shirt spray to keep clothes from smelling.

But her favorite tip is to use an armpit sweat pad. Staining is horrifying for everyone, especially for idols. These pads work like regular napkins and are great at absorbing excess sweat. They’re specially designed to keep clothes and the underarm area dry.

Color Pop’s Way also shared some tips and tricks in a vlog. To keep hair from getting greasy and sweaty, she uses a dry shampoo or oil-control powder. This helps keep her hair and bangs shine-free and volumized, even after sweating.

She also mentions that stars always have scented wet wipes on hand. They use these to freshen up whenever they have to travel or rehearse for long periods of time. These wipes help remove odor, sweat, and stickiness, especially when they can’t get the time to shower.

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How K-Pop Idols Don’t Sweat On Stage?

Tzuyu Backstage

Our beloved idols may seem like they don’t sweat much during live shows and performances. But this doesn’t mean they don’t sweat at all.

Idols get the opportunity to touch up on their appearances during intermissions. So after each song or outfit change, they may get their makeup redone backstage.

Quick remedies include reapplying makeup. Specifically, artists apply matted BB cream or foundations to sweat spots. This helps keep the skin from glistening or getting too oily.

Idols may also opt to get rid of the traditional way: by wiping it off. Staff are on standby backstage to help wipe the sweat from the idols’ faces and bodies.

Often, it’s also idols themselves who wipe their own sweat. Their co-idols can chip in to help when they can.

How Kpop Idols Don't Sweat 1
Apink during MTV Event in Malaysia

They may also use specialized products to keep themselves from sweating. An example is DriClor, a balm meant to combat excessive sweating. This is a miracle product for idols on days when they can’t afford to sweat too much.

Stars apply this balm on areas where sweat usually accumulates (ex. armpits and thighs). The next day, they won’t sweat in those areas at all as if by magic. But, the product does have the risk of causing burns. So, stars recommend only using a small amount and reading the instructions carefully.

As you can see, there’s a lot of effort that goes into keeping an idol’s seemingly flawless appearance. But what about off the stage?

How do our favorite idols make sure that they stay fresh and hygienic even outside of the public eye?

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How Do K-Pop Idols Take Care of Their Armpits?

Underarm Wax

When talking about sweat, there are some problem areas that can be hard to deal with. Sweat smells and irritates the skin, especially in the armpit area.

The armpits are one of the sensitive areas that idols really have to pay attention to. They have to reveal their underarms when doing intense choreos or when posing for shoots.

That’s why choosing the right hair removal method helps prevent dark pits. Idols also have to make sure that their underarm skin stays smooth and hair-free. They do this by choosing to wax or undergo laser hair removal.

Shaving and plucking regularly aren’t recommended. There’s a risk of getting bumps and chicken skin, or further irritating your underarms.

Idols also use moisturizing products and lotions. These keep the surface of the skin hydrated, including the underarm area.

As an extra measure, idols also touch up on their underarm skin between performances. TheyIdols use specialized makeup such as waterproof foundation and concealer. These keep their armpits looking dry and fresh.

For idols, taking care of their bodies takes a lot of dedication — and a lot of money. After all, looking good is part of their job!

I hope you enjoyed this article about how K-pop idols don’t sweat!

Everyone sweats differently, including idols. So there are a lot of techniques you can try when dealing with sweat, odor, and irritation.

But keep in mind that sweating is natural. There’s nothing bad about it. It’s not something anyone can control, no matter how many products you use or how many touch-ups you do. In fact, some idols choose to embrace their sweating onstage.

In fact, the sweat we see on our idols is proof of their hard work! Don’t you think seeing your favorite idols sweat makes the choreography look a lot cooler?

We hope this helped you understand the different ways that idols keep a sweat-free and fresh look. For more information on the trainee and K-Pop idol life, you should also read: How to Become A K-Pop Idol.

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