What’s The Ideal Type of Men of ITZY Members? All You Need To Know

ITZY Ideal Type Of Men

From Dalla Dalla to Sneakers, Itzy has always sung empowering tracks about self-love. But what do our girls love when it comes to their ideal guys?

Whether it’s someone who’s not shy or is a bit icy, we’ve listed down the ideal type of men of Itzy members. Keep reading to find out if you fit our girls’ tastes!

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Yeji Ideal Type

Itzy Yeji

Seems like Yeji’s role as Itzy’s responsible leader has shaped her ideal type in men.

Just like an inclusive leader who values her team’s opinion, Yeji wants someone who can be vulnerable so she can take his feelings into account. She’s also into a guy who can distract her from the heavy responsibilities she has been carrying but also knows when it’s time to get serious.

Aside from these, our powerful leader also likes guys who give off the same energy as her. And try to know how to excite her! It’s bonus points for Yeji if you know how to make her heart flutter.

Yeji also once shared that she can find it hard to commit. So be sure to tick off these ideal type traits if you want a shot at our leader!

Lia Ideal Type

Itzy Lia

There’s really no room for shy guys in Itzy, especially for Lia! Our main vocalist likes confident guys with a great sense of humor. Laughter seems like the best way to her heart as Lia is attracted to someone who can make her laugh until her stomach hurts.

She also shared before that she tends to be drawn to popular guys. It’s a huge jump from her younger self who used to feel that everyone was out of her league. Lia thinks that her liking for popular guys might have something to do with self-esteem issues when she was younger.

Athletic guys, it’s a good day for you! Lia is also into athletic guys who play lots of sports. If you’re a tsundere, you’re also in luck. Lia is attracted to the cold types who are warm only to her.

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Ryujin Ideal Type

Itzy Ryujin

Ryujin gave a vague answer when a fan asked about her ideal type during a VLIVE. She kept it simple: she likes someone as long as he is a good match to her.

But Ryujin also gave specific traits that she wants in a man. She wants someone whom she can rely on during difficult times. So Ryujin shared that mental and physical strength are traits she wants in a guy.

Spontaneity is another priority for Itzy’s lead dancer. Being the passionate girl that she is, Ryujin also wants someone who shares the same energy as her. She wants someone who can catch up with her impulsive plans and will join her in her busy life.

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Chaeryeong Ideal Type

Itzy Chaeryeong

Itzy’s main dancer is the type of person who always needs space whenever she feels overwhelmed. So Chaeryeong likes someone who can give her room to breathe but still make her feel loved.

Chaeryeong is known for being gentle and comforting to her members. So it doesn’t come as surprising that she’s also looking for kindness in a man. Chaeryeong is attracted to nice guys who can teach her how to be a good person, too.

Liars are a no-no for Chaeryeong since she values honesty in a guy. As a talkative person, Chaeryeong also likes being caught off guard when a guy compliments her and makes her flustered.

Yuna Ideal Type

Itzy Yuna

Yuna may be the extrovert of the group. But her ideal type isn’t as loud since she’s looking for someone caring and soft. Still, it’s important that her ideal guy still has a wild side so she can do silly things with him.

While Yuna is fun-loving, she actually likes goal-oriented and hardworking guys. Being levelheaded is a plus since she’s attracted to someone who’s stable and won’t get upset easily.

And unlike Yeji who finds it hard to commit, Yuna prioritizes commitment when it comes to her relationships. So be sure to make your intentions clear if you ever get a chance with Itzy’s maknae!

Think you fit the ideal type of your bias? Itzy members’ ideal types are not heavy on the looks. But what they’re looking for are more on the inside – strength, hard work, energy, humor, and kindness, included!

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