What is the Ideal Type of Girls of Seventeen Members?

Seventeen Ideal Type

Carats, admit this: deep down, you dream of dating your Seventeen bias. Secretly, we all just want to be their darl+ing and give all our love to them.

But what exactly are the Seventeen members’ ideal types? Do looks matter? Are they into serious, or fun-loving girls?

Keep reading to find out if you have a shot at stealing our shining diamonds’ hearts!

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S.coups Ideal Type

Seventeen S.coups

Affection is a top priority for Seventeen’s loving leader. S.coups has a very endearing relationship with his members and Carats. So it’s no wonder that his ideal type is someone who’s warm, caring, and protective. He likes someone who will support him during difficult times.

And better brush up on your cooking skills! S.coups also shared that he dreams of eating good food cooked by his girl. In this case, prepare to be like a mother to him and the group.

But for S.coups, a relationship is all about giving and taking. S.coups is into a girl who will let him spoil her after all the love she’s given to him. No need to worry, though, since he’ll still respect your independence.

For looks, S.coups isn’t very picky with appearance. But he tends to fall for girls with tanned skin. Pick a nice perfume, too – he finds it attractive when a girl smells good.

Wonwoo Ideal Type

Seventeen Wonwoo

Carats know Wonwoo as a quiet, contemplative member. He’s not usually loud. But when he talks, you can’t help but listen to his insightful thoughts.

So it’s not surprising that Wonwoo’s ideal type is someone whom he can have great conversations with. A girl who’s a good listener perfectly suits his personality.

That’s also why smart and bookish girls vibe easily with Wonwoo. We’ve all read about his touching poems for Carats. So someone who appreciates literature will instantly match with him.

But at the same time, Wonwoo’s ideal type knows how to have fun! He’s looking for a girl who can make him feel safe and comfortable but also bring out his fun side.

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Mingyu Ideal Type

Seventeen Mingyu

Carats swoon at Mingyu for being a total husband material. He’s a strong, dependable guy who’ll make delicious food for you!

But for Mingyu, his ideal type is someone who won’t rush marriage. He wants to build a family, but he needs more time. He’s the type to focus on his career first.

Being the soft, puppy-like guy that he is, Mingyu also likes someone romantic and sweet. A girl who’s caring and doesn’t get mad easily will easily steal his heart.

Like the other members, Mingyu needs someone who understands his job. If you want to date him, better be mature and don’t get jealous a lot when he’s with fans. And since he gets stressed a lot, he’s also drawn to girls with a relaxing presence and a carefree vibe.

Bonus points if you’re tall! With a height of 186 cm, Mingyu is also looking for someone who can match his tall frame.

Vernon Ideal Type

Seventeen Vernon

It’s important to feel accepted in a relationship for Vernon. That’s why his ideal type is someone who will like him for who he is. He doesn’t want someone who will appreciate only his idol self. He likes a girl who likes his real self so she can support him even when he’s insecure.

So for Vernon, a beautiful heart is more important than a pretty face. He will gladly choose someone who’s nice over someone pretty.

Carats also know Vernon as one of the calmest members of the group. And just like him, Vernon’s ideal type is someone who’s introverted and chill. He’s not too big on girls who are very loud. But he’ll like it if you can express your feelings well.

Woozi Ideal Type

Seventeen Woozi

Our talented Woozi is looking for someone who shares the same passion for music. His ideal type is a girl who’s also interested in music so they can bond and make things together.

But as our amazing singer, songwriter, and producer, things can get pretty hectic for Woozi. That’s why he wants a girl who’ll be stubborn when it comes to caring for him. He’s looking for someone who’ll remind him and be strict when he’s overworking himself.

For personality, Woozi likes the best of both worlds. He likes calm, introverted girls. But he appreciates it when she can be cheerful and energetic depending on the situation. So someone who’s careful but knows how to let loose is attractive to Woozi.

Jeonghan Ideal Type

Seventeen Jeonghan

For Jeonghan, balance is the key to his heart. His ideal type is someone who has just the right amount of seriousness and fun. He likes it when girls can switch it up between being shy and bold, childlike and mature.

And that comes as no surprise! We know Jeonghan as a naughty but caring member who acts like a playful hyung. So it seems only natural that he likes someone who’s the right mix of many traits.

Jeonghan also has very specific physical traits he likes in a girl. If you’re the type who likes pink and all things girly, you’re in luck! Jeonghan likes someone who’s very feminine.

Petite and cute girls also have an express lane to our angel’s heart. Someone with a puppy-like face and double eyelids has a shot at winning him.

Joshua Ideal Type

Seventeen Joshua

Style isn’t a big issue for our lead vocalist. But what matters to Joshua is the girl’s character. For Joshua, passionate girls who are driven toward their dreams are attractive.

Carats also call Joshua Seventeen’s gentleman for his gentle voice. And just like him, his ideal type is someone who talks a lot but knows when it’s time for some quiet.

Similarly, he also likes girls who can have fun whether at home or outside. We know Joshua for being flirty and sweet. So someone caring and affectionate also matches well with him.

DK Ideal Type

Seventeen DK

For DK, genuine companionship is a must in his relationship. His ideal type is someone who’s understanding and keeps an open mind.

He gets stressed at work a lot, so he needs someone who’ll be a good listener to his worries. Someone who’s sensitive and can see when he’s having a hard time despite his smiles is a perfect match.

If you want to date DK, you should be ready to be a home buddy. He likes staying at home. So ideally, his girl is comfortable with hanging out inside.

For looks, DK likes girls with long and dark hair. Someone with long legs, innocent eyes, and a pretty smile can also win him over easily.

Seungkwan Ideal Type

Seventeen Seungkwan

Extroverted girls with big personalities have an express lane to Seungkwan’s heart. He’s attracted to sassy and outspoken girls who know how to lead conversations.

Being passionate about his career, Seungkwan also likes ambitious girls. Someone driven and who will push him to be his best matches perfectly with him.

But don’t go over the top! Seungkwan also likes it when someone’s relaxed and chill. His ideal type is someone who’s determined but doesn’t get mad easily.

Lastly, Seungkwan is also weak for cheerful and fun-loving girls. He likes someone who can be a dork with him and be like a best friend.

Hoshi Ideal Type

Seventeen Hoshi

Carats know Hoshi is a sweet and caring guy with a bit of a wild side. But his ideal type is quite the opposite. Hoshi likes extroverted girls. But he finds it cute when they get shy at times!

For Hoshi, it’s also all about giving and taking in relationships. He’s the type to give you lots of gifts but will demand hugs and kisses in return. He’s also a clingy guy, so you must be ready to hang out with him always. But we all know this isn’t an unfair deal, right?

It’s also important that you share the same humor as Hoshi. He finds it attractive when a girl laughs at his jokes. But he will also appreciate it if you know when to be serious.

And if you’re the type to get jealous often, you might need to back up. Hoshi is looking for someone who can be supportive of his career. So his ideal type is someone who won’t get jealous when he spends time with his fans.

Jun Ideal Type

Seventeen Jun

Duality is the key for our quiet handsome boy. Jun is looking for a girl who’s both pure and sexy. Someone innocent and clean but with a dash of hotness is the perfect girl for him.

He’s also into girls who are both playful and shy. If you know when it’s time to be energetic or reserved, you might have a shot with Jun.

But it’s also important that you can connect deeply not just with Jun, but with the other members, too. Jun likes it if his girl can get along well with his members. He also prefers someone who can speak Chinese.

The8 Ideal Type

Seventeen The8

Support is a top priority for Minghao. His ideal type is someone who’s proud of what he does. A girl who enjoys seeing him dance and looks at the brighter side can give big support to our Little 8. He also likes it if a girl can speak Chinese so they can bond well.

We also know Minghao as a caring but not overprotective member. Similarly, his ideal type is a girl who can shower him with lots of affection and care.

When it comes to personality, Minghao is drawn to girls who are similar to Joshua. Someone who’s not too loud and quiet is a plus. If you have lots of aegyo, you’re also in luck!

Dino Ideal Type

Seventeen Dino

Seventeen’s maknae has a soft spot for noonas. Being the youngest of the group, Dino is attracted to older girls. He likes someone who’s supportive of his dreams. But he doesn’t want to be treated like a kid.

And although he likes older girls, Dino’s ideal type is also someone who has lots of aegyo. Beautiful girls are a weakness for Dino.

While our maknae is usually goofy, he can be pretty serious with his relationships. He’s looking for a girl who’s into a long-term relationship so they can grow together. Someone who’s patient and waits for the right timing is a plus for our maknae.

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Think you’re a match for your Seventeen bias? Or did this list break your heart?

If you want to learn more, watch the Seventeen members talk about their ideal type here.

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