What is the Ideal Type of Girls of Monsta X Members? [EXPLAINED]

Monsta X Ideal Type Of Girls

Seems like it’s only yesterday when Monsta X asked Monbebes “Who Do U Love?”

But the truth is, Monbebes are more curious about who the Monsta X members love. What is their ideal type of girl? What type of girl will make them rush in the middle of the night?

Learn about Monsta X ideal type through this article.

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Shownu Ideal Type

Monsta X Shownu

Appearance and personality are both important for Shownu. Talk about high standards from our leader!

Shownu once shared that his ideal type is someone like actress Gong Hyo Jin. He likes someone who’s simple and innocent, but also charming. He’s also open to dating older girls – as long as they’re not older than his mom.

Monbebes also know that Shownu’s a quiet guy. He’s not that outspoken and you’ll usually see him just vibing in the background. That’s why his ideal type is girls who aren’t too energetic and will prefer to just chill with him. Humor and laugh-out-loud jokes aren’t a big deal for him.

For looks, having long hair and a toned body is a plus for Shownu. Our leader is all about physical fitness, so there’s no need to be curvy!

Minhyuk Ideal Type

Monsta X Minhyuk

Opposites attract! Minhyuk’s ideal type is someone who is his opposite in personality. While he’s a very energetic ray of sunshine (he’s an ENTP!), Minhyuk is into introverted girls. He likes someone who’s shy at first but will get bubbly as she warms up to him.

But being introverted shouldn’t mean being boring! Minhyuk’s ideal type is also someone who knows how to have a good time. He wants a girl who’s adventurous and will try new things with him.

Our MinMungie gets his nickname from a puppy. But he actually likes girls with chubby cheeks and a cat-like face. M

inhyuk is also a very cuddly guy. Which explains why he likes small girls whom he can hug easily. It’s a win for the petites!

Kihyun Ideal Type

Monsta X Kihyun

Pack loads of aegyo if you want to win Kihyun’s heart. His ideal type is a girl who loves doing aegyo and has pretty eyes. He also likes someone funny and enthusiastic so he can get energy from her. But just the right amount of energy or it might get too much for Kihyun!

Although he’s often called the “God of K-pop,” we all know that Kihyun’s the romantic type. That’s why his ideal type is also someone who will appreciate his cheesy side. He’s into someone who will get flustered with all the dates and surprises he has planned for her.

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Hyungwon Ideal Type

Monsta X Hyungwon

We’ve seen Hyungwon get savage with his strong opinion. But his ideal type is exactly the opposite: he likes girls who are calm and introverted. Someone who knows how to manage her emotions is a plus for Hyungwon.

Hardworking girls, listen up! Hyungwon is also into someone who works hard for her future. He finds it attractive when a girl can brave tough times and maintain a work-life balance.

And unlike other members, Hyungwon isn’t very big on looks. He’s more into personality since he’s attracted to smart and kind girls. If you want a shot with Hyungwon, better be modest as he likes down-to-earth girls!

Joohoney ideal Type

Monsta X Joohoney

Monbebes call Joohoney the king of aegyo. And just like him, his ideal type is someone who’s sexy but has lots of aegyo.

Jooheon also finds it attractive when someone can match his swag. Girls who like art and music may have a shot with Joohoney since he likes creating things together.

Are you a home buddy who can lock herself in her room for days? You might just be Joohoney’s ideal type! Jooheon likes a girl who can spend days doing nothing with him at home. But make sure that you still have the drive to do fun things that will match Jooheon’s crazy bursts!

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I.M. Ideal Type

Monsta X IM

I.M. values a girl’s personality over her looks.

As an introvert, he likes a girl who can accompany him when he goes out to meet people. He’s also a sucker for intelligent conversations. So he likes it when someone isn’t afraid to speak her mind but can still admit when she’s wrong.

Kind and caring girls also have a special spot in I.M.’s heart. He’s also attracted to tomboyish girls who can play video games with him for hours!

Global Monbebes, rise up! Among Monsta X members, I.M. is most likely to date someone from a different culture.

Bonus: Wonho Ideal Type

Monsta X Wonho

It might have been years since Wonho left the group. But for Monbebes, Monsta X will always be OT7.

Brush up your ramen-making skills! Since he’s addicted to ramyeon, Wonho likes someone who’s good at making his favorite food. A girl who’s well-mannered but knows how to snap at rude people is also attractive to Wonho.

We know how great Wonho’s fashion taste is. So it isn’t surprising that he likes someone who’s also stylish like him! Taking matchy couple outfit pics is a priority for Wonho.

Finally, this might break Monbebes’ hearts, but Wonho prefers to date an idol. He likes a girl who has the same job so she can understand his busy schedule.

The ideal types of girls of Monsta X members are diverse. Some value both personality and looks. While other members don’t care about appearance at all.

Think you fit your Monsta X bias’s ideal type? We hope this list helped you get to know your Monsta X bias more. – and know better how to get to their heart!

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