How To Get Korean Eyebrows – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

How to get Korean eyebrows

If you’re like me, you’d probably jump at every chance to look like your favorite Korean celebrity. No wonder there’s a whole slew of Korean makeup trends that made waves across the globe. Mirror skin, gradient lips, pink eye makeup – you won’t run out of ideas.

But the most timeless among them? Straight eyebrows.

Blackpink Jisoo straight eyebrows

K-beauty is known for its undying love for straight eyebrows. From A-list celebrities to average teenagers, most Koreans rock this look. It’s partly thanks to them that Koreans get that youthful glow!

Want to know how to cop this look? Continue reading our beginner-friendly guide to hop in on the Korean eyebrow trend.

What Are Korean Eyebrows?

Shin Min Ah straight brows

As we said, Korean eyebrows tend to be straight. While Westerners love sharp arches on their eyebrows, Koreans like theirs flat. Here’s the secret formula: low arch point, short and thick tail, and a flat bottom edge.

Wondering how Koreans look all youthful? It partly has to do with their eyebrows. Korean eyebrows are loved best for their innocent charm. They give the illusion that your face is smaller, making you look younger.

Close-up of eyes Asian women

But take note that Korean eyebrows are not suitable for all face shapes. You can rock this best if you have an oval or rounded face. If you’re on the square side, arched brows will look better for you.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t try the look!

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How To Get Korean Eyebrows

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to get Korean eyebrows. No worries if you’re a beginner – we made the steps as detailed as possible.

Step 1: Draw the Top Outline

Draw a straight line on the top edge of your eyebrow, stopping right before the arch point. Careful with the strokes – draw lightly unless you like a harsh look!

Messy natural eyebrows? Feel free to draw outside your natural shape. For this step, we recommend using eyebrow powder or pencil for better control.

Step 2: Draw the Bottom Outline

Still using gentle strokes, draw a straight line across your brow’s bottom edge. Go all the way until the end of the tail.

Try to keep the tail short and thick. You’d want to avoid the long and defined tail found in Western eyebrows.

Step 3: Connect Top and Bottom Lines

Shin Min Ah How To Get Korean Eyebrows
Actress Shin Min Ah

The finishing stroke for your outline. Starting from the arch point, draw a diagonal line to connect the top and bottom lines of your eyebrow. Your outline must be finished at this point.

Step 4: Fill In Your Brows

Makeup artist drawing eyebrow

Using horizontal strokes, fill in the outline you just drew. Remember to be very gentle with your lines so you don’t end up with an unflattering, harsh eyebrow.

We recommend using brow powder or pomade for this step. Compared to a pencil’s precise lines, they cover more area and let you fill in quicker.

But if you think that your eyebrow is looking a bit harsh or unnatural, don’t worry. We’ll get to this in the next step.

Step 5: Blend

The secret to natural Korean eyebrows? Blending.

Use a spoolie to gently brush harsh parts of your eyebrow. We suggest brushing upwards to keep the hair standing up. Focus on the front end – you’ll want to be very light on this part.

If your eyebrow pencil doesn’t come with a spoolie, you can use a qtip instead.

Step 6: Create Strokes at the Front End

Pencil Korean Eyebrows

For a more natural look, try to mimic hair strands on your eyebrow’s front end. Draw these hair-like strands using upward strokes.

We recommend using an eyebrow pencil for this step. The thin, precise lines will best replicate natural hair.

Step 7: Trim Long Hair

Brush hair strands near the front end of your eyebrow upward. Trim the strands that are too long and go past the edge.

Do the same for your hair near the tail end. But this time, brush the strands downwards. Trimming long hair will help you get a cleaner look.

Warning: be very careful with this step. You might end up with bald spots on your eyebrows if you cut the hair too short. If you’re not sure about your skills, better skip this part instead.

Step 8: Shave or Pluck Excess Hair

plucking eyebrows

Now that your desired shape is defined, follow it to remove stray hair strands. We recommend shaving strands on top of your eyebrow while plucking those on your eyelids.

At this step, your Korean eyebrow is done! You should be ready to rock your gorgeous eyebrows after this step.

But if you want to up your style, try the next tips we’ll share. These are totally optional, but definitely try them for flawless brows!

Step 9: Apply Brow Gel or Brow Mascara (Optional)

Young woman making up in the room

Apply brow gel or brow mascara on your eyebrows. Not only will they hold the strands in place. They can also blend the products out to give you an even softer look.

Using products that are lighter or a different color than your natural eyebrows? Brow gels and mascaras can help you match eyebrow and product colors. Grab a gel/mascara that’s the same shade as your pencil so you can match your eyebrow’s tint.

But don’t overdo this stage! Applying too much product can leave your eyebrows looking stiff.

Step 10: Use Concealer to Improve Shape (Optional)

Concealer Korean Eyebrows

For the cleanest, straightest brows, apply concealer to improve shape. Do this to hide any imperfections, like lines that went beyond your outline. This will help you better define your eyebrow’s shape.

And you’re done! You just finished drawing your Korean eyebrows. Now you probably have the same eyebrow shape as Blackpink’s Jisoo and actress Shin Min Ah.

Feel free to modify any part of this guide to get the eyebrows that suit you best. If it’s your first time doing this and you’re unhappy with the results, don’t worry. There’s nothing that a little modification – and of course, practice – can’t do!

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