K-pop Airport Fashion – 10 Idols That Killed The Game [WITH PHOTOS]

Kpop Airport Fashion Jennie Blackpink

Aside from music videos and live stages, K-pop idols have also turned the airport into runways with their iconic fashion styles. Some idols even became global trendsetters by showing off their unique style.

From simple fits to extravagant looks, you’ll surely pick up lots of outfit ideas in this article. You might even make the most of your wardrobe by creating looks that suit your personal style!

K-pop Airport Fashion – 10 Idols That Killed The Game

Searching for stylish K-idols for outfit inspirations? Below we listed the 10 K-pop idols who took the airport fashion game to the next level!

  1. IU
  2. Jennie of Blackpink
  3. Zico of Block B
  4. Lisa of Blackpink
  5. Hwasa of MAMAMOO
  6. G-Dragon of Big Bang
  7. V of BTS
  8. Eun Woo of Astro
  9. Irene of Red Velvet
  10. HyunA

1. IU

IU Departing at Incheon Airport

Well-known as the ‘nation’s sweetheart,’ IU has captivated people’s hearts with her incredible vocals, acting skills, and pure and innocent image. But from being a multi-talented artist, she continues to charm everyone by being the ‘hallyu’s IT girl’ with her stylish looks.

Her fashion game leveled up on her K-drama, Hotel Del Luna, but even off-screen, she keeps her fashion sense up with her airport outfits!

Her runway-ready style may be the best airport outfit she served us yet. With a beige roll-neck sweater and oversized Gucci marine cape combo, she caught everyone’s attention and stood out in the crowd. Suede-looking stretch boots and a black handbag completed the smart-casual style.

IU Arrives At The Airport In Taipei

She also pulled off an all-black outfit once. This look highlights her long black coat and beret hat, which gives off a cute and artsy chic style.

IU At Incheon International Airport

Another outfit made her look effortlessly stylish when she elegantly wore a white Siyazu long sleeves topped with a Gucci vest. The Gucci loafers perfectly matched the whole outfit, while the black bag complemented the light colors.

With her versatile airport fashion, IU is indeed gorgeous in anything! Her airport outfits make a great daily inspo, so if you’re looking for some looks to snatch, you don’t want to miss out on her styles!

2. Jennie of Blackpink

Jennie Leaving Incheon Airport

From her stage outfits to day-to-day styles and airport fashion, Jennie has become one of the fashion queens of K-pop. Being a house ambassador of Chanel since 2018, she’s often spotted wearing the brand’s products, and she definitely slays each style!

How can someone look cute and swaggy at the same time? Jennie’s recent airport outfit screamed luxurious with every notable Chanel item! She rocked the style by covering her blue mini shirt dress with a short bomber jacket by Yookim. Her Chanel bag, boots, logo brooch, bow brooch, and ring completed the look.

Jennie at Incheon Airport

She never fails to rock any style, and she effortlessly looked gorgeous in her comfy Chanel fit. She wore a Chanel red cashmere sweater paired with black wide-leg trousers and black and white sneakers. The flap bag makes a great finishing touch.

3. Zico of Block B

Zico of Block B At Incheon International Airport

We know Zico for his skills within the Korean hip-hop scene. He once was an underground rapper who turned into a K-pop idol and an outstanding producer in the K-pop industry. Thanks to his airport OOTDs, we get to see more of him and his fashionable side!

Zico always leaves people smitten by his sense of fashion, as if he walked straight out of magazines. He serves a variety of styles — from boy-next-door looks to dope bad boy fits.

On his way to Fendi SS23 men’s fashion show, he looked charismatic in his casual-street airport outfit. He wore brown silk long-sleeved shirt printed with Fendi motifs, tailor shorts, and white sneakers that perfectly matched his style, as well as the beige Fendi bag.

Zico At Incheon International Airport

For his smart-casual look, he charmingly wore a wool jumper and black pants. His black Bulgari bag made his laid-back outfit look cool rather than simple.

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4. Lisa of Blackpink

Lisa of Blackpink

If you keep up with K-pop fashion, you surely know that Blackpink’s Lisa is a trendsetter when it comes to crop tops. Whether it be formal or casual, she knows how to style her fits, and her crop top outfits never go out of fashion!

Just a few months ago, Lisa stunned the crowd with her simple yet elegant casual look at Gimpo International Airport on her way to Paris Fashion Week.

Lisa of Blackpink at Gimpo International Airport

For a comfy fit, she wore a simple grey sweatshirt with a cropped curved hemline. The high-waist black leather pants highlighted her figure, while the black Celine bag served as a great chic accessory.

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5. Hwasa of MAMAMOO

Hwasa Of Mamamoo At Incheon International Airport

We couldn’t leave Hwasa out of this list of top 10 Kpop airport fashion!

Aside from her talent and charisma, Hwasa made her own name famous by breaking the traditional Korean beauty norms. She also became the talk of the K-netizens, which gained her criticism for her bold and distinct looks. But the K-idol remains unbothered despite the bad comments.

Hwasa became the walking definition of the saying, “My body, my rules.” One time, she even shocked everyone by going to the airport without wearing a bra! She also loves styling herself how she wants by experimenting with different fashion styles to create unique looks.

Hwasa At Incheon International Airport

One example of her trendy fashion style is her hot pink chic look. She wore a form-fitting crop top that would go well with any outfit, but she paired it with hot pink loose pants, sneakers, and a handbag.

This outfit might not be “too much” compared to her distinct styles, but she definitely looked stunning in this one!

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6. G-Dragon of Big Bang

G-Dragon At Incheon International Airport

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is a K-pop legend and icon, and with his phenomenal airport outfits, fans gave him the title, ‘The Mastermind of Airport Fashion.’ Even with a stylist, he loves to style himself according to his fashion choices.

He is also known as a ‘fashion chameleon’ as he tends to have a vague fashion style.

Bigbang - G-Dragon At Incheon International Airport

In one of his iconic simple yet luxurious looks, he walked at Incheon International Airport wearing a two-toned plaid shirt on a bomber jacket and denim pants. He used Chanel sunglasses and brooches, a beanie hat, and a designer bag for accessories.

7. V of BTS

V at Gimpo International Airport

Whether it be casual, streetwear, preppy, artsy, or formal, BTS’ V looks utterly charming and striking in any fashion type. Leaving for Paris Fashion Week along with Lisa and Park Bo-gum, V stole the paparazzi’s attention with his visual.

BTS - V At Gimpo International Airport

His white sleeveless tee, unbuttoned leopard print shirt, and black leather jeans made him look like a runway model, sending his fans into a frenzy. His fluffy hair, confidence, and cheerful personality added to his trendy, daring outfit.

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8. Eun Woo of Astro

Cha Eun-Woo of ASTRO At Incheon International Airport

Eun Woo is one of the most loved K-pop idols in South Korea. He gets everyone’s attention and eyes on him for his soft visuals. But he also has good fashion taste, and you can see it in his airport outfits!

Cha Eun-Woo At Incheon International Airport

He flaunted his cuddly casual look with an oversized beige cashmere tailored coat and a hoodie-tank pants combo of the same color. The white roll-up sweater made the outfit perfect for winter.

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9. Irene of Red Velvet

Irene of Red Velvet At Gimpo International Airport

Red Velvet’s leader, Irene, stands out for her ethereal beauty. She pulls off different clothes in various fashion styles with her breathtaking visuals. But she always looks sophisticated and elegant in any outfit!

Irene At Gimpo International Airport

You may often see her in black and daring fits, but her fashion style is more on the classy, innocent side. Irene, in her frilled balloon sleeves and denim pants, is a great example. Her Chanel flap bag and heel-pointed shoes added a feminine touch and made her look like a modern-day goddess.

10. HyunA

Hyuna On Departure At Incheon Airport

HyunA is known for her unique sexy-fierce concept for her songs and MVs. But who says that’s the only style she can pull off? For her airport fits, HyunA tends to love wearing oversized coats, and she slays them like the queen she is!

Hyuna at Incheon Airport

Her go-to cozy casual wear made heads turn when she appeared dazzling in an oversized shearling coat from Isabel Marant. She wore a stylish white shirt and denim shorts under the coat, and finished the whole outfit with a pair of Dr. Martens’ black leather boots and a studded clutch.

There you have the ten K-pop idols who aced the airport fashion!

Whether you want to channel your inner fashionista or perhaps you’re just looking for new ways to style your OOTDs, K-pop airport fashion is a great guide and inspo for any occasion. So whenever you feel sassy, feel free to steal looks on our list and slay them on your own!

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