What’s Red Velvet Members Ideal Type Of Men? [EXPLAINED]

Red Velvet Ideal Type of Men

You’ve heard them sing a lot about psychos and really bad boys. But what exactly are the ideal types of men of Red Velvet members?

Well, get ready cause you might be surprised!

It’s personality over looks for Red Velvet. And we’ve listed down the exact traits that our members want in men. Keep reading to find out if you have a chance for a cool, hot, sweet love with your Red Velvet bias!

Irene Ideal Type

Red Velvet Irene

People think Red Velvet’s leader and visual is scared of men. Yet the truth is that Irene wants a gentleman who will treat her well. She wants someone who is warm, kind, and will respect her.

But it doesn’t mean that her ideal type should be serious! Irene is into casual guys. Just make sure that you can express yourself clearly if you want to win our Baechu.

Seulgi Ideal Type

Red Velvet Seulgi

Red Velvet’s Seulgi wants her dance moves to be powerful and strong. But the opposite seems to be true for her ideal man! Seulgi wants a sweet guy who will always make her laugh.

But her most important type is someone who’s like her! Seulgi wants someone whose personality and ideas are relatable. It’s important that she’s comfortable talking to them. So be sure to brush up on Seulgi’s interests in case you get a chance to talk to our main dancer!

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Wendy Ideal Type

Red Velvet Wendy

Wendy’s ideal man is a father-figure who will take care of her. She’s into someone nice – but nice only to her and not to everyone! Attitude is really a priority for Wendy as she likes someone polite and has good manners.

Our main vocalist also has a distinct physical trait she likes in a guy. Wendy is into men who have prominent veins at the back of their hands. When you meet her, wear your most beautiful smile as Wendy also likes guys with pretty smiles!

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Joy Ideal Type

Red Velvet Joy

Red Velvet’s Joy likes someone who’s easy to get along with. Her ideal type is a man who’s just like a friend and will vibe with her. For personality, Joy is looking for someone who works hard and lives by the rules.

Think you’re the sexy type? Then you might get bonus points with our lead rapper! Joy mentioned that she’s into sexy guys who are clear with what they want. Loyalty is also a priority since Joy wants someone who will only look at her!

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Yeri Ideal Type

Red Velvet Yeri

Yeri once shared that she doesn’t have an ideal type. But there are certain traits that Yeri still wishes to see in her man!

Like the rest of Red Velvet, Yeri doesn’t need a handsome guy. But she wants her boyfriend to have a lot in common with her. She also likes someone who is a good person. He must treat her well, be gentle, and be cautious of his actions.

We hope this list of Red Velvet ideal types helped you understand the girls more. As you’ve seen, all Red Velvet members prioritize a guy’s character over his looks. So if you want to stand a chance with your Red Velvet bias, be sure that you’re a good person first!

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