Why K-Pop Idols Dye Their Hair – All You Need to Know

G-IDLE 'I love' Concept Photo

K-Pop idols are well-loved for their impressive choreography and captivating songs. Apart from that, fans love them for their eye-catching visuals.

Every idol’s visuals are unique in their own way. You can usually see this through their trendy and hard-to-miss hair colors and styles.

But, is hair color really that important for an idol’s look? And why do they seem to change it so frequently? Read on to discover why K-Pop idols dye their hair–and how you can too!

Why Do K-Pop Idols Dye Their Hair?

One of the ways that K-Pop idols use to keep their visuals cool and interesting is by dying their hair. For K-Pop fans, their favorite idol’s new dye job usually means that something new is coming. That is, their idols are about to release a new concept and have a unique comeback.

Idols are like chameleons. They adapt to whatever new concept they’re going with for new releases. They jump from bright, catchy colors to cool neutrals, depending on the vibe they want to give off!

For G-IDLE’s 5th mini album’s (‘I love’) concept, everyone bleached their hair to different shades of blonde. Talk about dedication!

G-IDLE Blonde Hair

Another example would be BTS, who’ve also gone through a lot of visual changes throughout the years. Below, you can see how different Jin’s hair colors are for the albums Love Yourself ‘Tear’ and ‘Answer’.

Jin Hair Color Comparison

Popular K-Pop Idols with Dyed Hair

Almost all K-Pop idols have changed their hair colors at least once, but some more than others! Here are idols known for their dyed hair:


SUGA Hair Color Comparison


Rose Hair Color Comparison

3. Taeyong (NCT 127)

Taeyong Hair Color Comparison

4. Dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun Hair Color Comparison

5. Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy Hair Color Comparison

The Split-Dyed Hair Trend

One trend that’s become a lot more popular for K-Pop idols over the years is the split dyed hair trend. To achieve this look, you split the hair into two parts (usually!) and dyed with complementary colors.

K-Pop idols have done this trend with some cool and interesting combinations:

1. Taehyung (BTS)

Taeyoung BTS Split Hair Dye

2. Taeyong (NCT 127)

Taeyong NCT Split Hair Dye

3. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar Mamamoo Split Hair Dye

What dyed hair colors are popular for K-Pop idols?

K-Pop idols like trying out creative and bold hair colors. Their new color is coordinated with the concept of their comeback, or the image they want to have. Some popular colors and styles include:

Pastels and Brights

Pastels and brights on K-Pop idolsBased on what we’ve seen, blue, pink and purple are among K-Pop idols’ top hair color choices! Some idols also rock colors like red, green and turquoise.


Neutrals on K-Pop idolsNatural-looking or neutral colors are also a popular choice among idols! These can range from platinum blonde, ash brown, and so-called “milk tea” colors.

Hair Trends

Hair trends on K-Pop idols

Popular K-Pop hair trends also include, peekaboo hair, highlights, and bright streaks.

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Should You Dye Your Hair? A Few Tips

I’m sure you’re inspired to follow in your fave idol’s footsteps and dye your hair an interesting color! But, before you get into dying your hair, you might want to take note of the following:

Tip #1: Find a color that matches your skin tone

First, you need to determine your skin undertone. Hold up silver and gold jewelry to your skin. If you look better with gold, you have warm undertones. Otherwise, if you look better with silver, you have cool undertones.

The rule of thumb is to pick colors opposite of your skin’s undertones on the color wheel. For more information, check out this video on how to find the right color for your skin tone

Tip #2: Do your research

Before committing yourself to a color, try to learn more about what you’re getting into first. Would your desired color need bleaching? What kind of treatments do you need to do after you’ve colored your hair? What products do you need to keep your hair and color healthy?

Some colors like platinum blondes or pastels are more high-maintenance. Others, like balayages or dark neutrals are easier to maintain. There’s a lot that goes into coloring your hair, so make sure you’re ready for it!

Tip #3: Choose a high quality dye

Hair DyeIt’s best to choose hair dyes that don’t contain ammonia or other harmful chemicals. Always make sure to use a dye that won’t trigger any allergic reactions. Idols often use dyes from Mise En Scene, Etude and Somang Clinic.

Try to avoid box dyes too, as they don’t always deliver on the colors you want (plus they’re really damaging).

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Tip #4: Get ready for damage

It’s no secret that dyeing your hair is damaging, especially if you intend to do it frequently. Bleaching is one of the harshest ways to dye your hair. But, it’s also a necessary procedure if you want to achieve bright colors like reds, blues and others.

Be ready to look for products to keep your hair healthy and moisturized after dying or bleaching. We recommend trying the Olaplex line, which is a favorite among Korean stylists!

Tip #5: Prepare your budget

Prepare your budgetDyeing your hair can get really expensive, so make sure you can prepare the budget for it. Apart from the coloring, you need to shell out money for maintenance and treatments. You’ll also need to invest in regular touch-ups or salon visits to keep your color vibrant.

Tip #6: Consult a professional

Consult a professional

DIY hair coloring has become popular but nothing beats going to a professional. Some salons offer consultations for free before you get a coloring service. Consulting a professional helps set expectations on what color is workable for your hair and budget.

I hope you enjoyed this article on why K-pop idols dye their hair!

A new hair color for idols usually signals a new era for their career, whether as an idol or as an individual! Hair color plays a big role in an idol’s image, style, and overall appearance. Switching up colors allows them to find new ways to express themselves to their fans.

Which colors do you think would look best on your favorite K-Pop idol’s hair? Were you also inspired to dye your hair because of your idols? Let us know in the comments below!

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