What’s The Ideal Type of Girls of GOT7 Members? All You Need To Know

GOT7 Ideal Type Of Girls

Every Kpop fan’s secret dream is to date their bias.

So if you’re an Ahgase, we know what’s up! You’re probably wondering what’s the ideal type of your bias in GOT7.

Are looks important? Does he only look at pretty girls?

Well, we’ve got you covered! From looks to personality, here’s all you need to know about GOT7 ideal type. Because we know you’re so ready to sing the Confession Song to your bias!

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Jay B Ideal Type

GOT7 Jay B

Jaebeom made it clear: he’s not very picky with girls. He will like someone as long as she catches his attention.

And if you’re wondering how to captivate our leader? It’s simple. Just be true to yourself and you’d have a shot at winning Jay B’s heart.

Because rather than looking for an ideal type, Jay B will like it better if he falls in love at first sight. So nope, he doesn’t care about looks. He just needs someone who’ll catch his eyes and leave a big impression.

It’s a bonus, though, if you’re a huggable size! Small and adorable might just have an express lane to his heart.

Mark Ideal Type

GOT7 Mark

Like Jay B, Mark’s a bit vague – but still cheesy! – with his dream girl. For Mark, his ideal type is a woman who will make him want to stay with her.

He went on to explain that there are many people who you’ll forget eventually. But Mark is looking for the kind of girl you’ll keep wanting to meet.

And if you’re Ahgase, you would love to hear this next part. Mark’s into cute girls, just like Ahgases! He likes girls like his fans since he finds Ahgases cute. How cheesy can he be!

He did give some personality pointers, though. We know Mark is not the biggest talker in the group. Maybe that’s why he’s drawn to girls who are talkative and great at decision-making.

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Jackson Ideal Type

GOT7 Jackson

Jackson may be a man of multiple talents, but his ideal type is simple. When Harper’s Bazaar HK asked Jackson about his dream girl, he shared that he doesn’t have one.

Instead, he will like someone as long as the feelings are right. It’s all about feelings for him. So like Jay B, he doesn’t really care about looks.

But while looks don’t matter big time, he did have some preferences. Beyoncé snatches the crown for Jackson’s ideal woman. And that makes girls with big thighs and tanned skin our winners.

But it’s not really game over if you’re not on Queen Bey’s level. Since like Jackson said, it’s all about feelings!

Pro tip: he finds it attractive when girls brush their hair up. If you come across Jackson, you know what to do!

Jinyoung Ideal Type

GOT7 Jinyoung

Seems like vagueness is a trend among our boys. Jinyoung is another member who doesn’t have an ideal type. For him, his ideal girl is the person he likes.

Isn’t that romantic? But you might be wondering now how you can be someone he likes.

Jinyoung gave a few clues. He thinks it would be nice if his significant other is someone like a best friend. Dating shouldn’t be stressful, so someone who makes him feel comfortable is perfect.

Bonus: it might be a good thing to start with Jinyoung’s hobbies. He likes books, seas, and playing the guitar. If you fancy being his friend, sharing something in common might help!

Youngjae Ideal Type

GOT7 Youngjae

Youngjae’s ideal type is a combo of Jackson’s and Jinyoung’s. He was also simple: his ideal type is the person he likes. He’s not picky with looks, since feelings are the most important.

But like the other members, Youngjae still has preferences, of course. We all know that Youngjae’s an introvert. So he thinks someone outgoing can complement his personality well.

BamBam Ideal Type

GOT7 BamBam

We all love BamBam for his bright smile. That’s why his ideal type is someone who looks pretty when she smiles. He definitely likes someone who will smile a lot with him.

To match the cheerful aura, BamBam’s also drawn to girls who look good in yellow. You also get plus points if you have long hair and big brown eyes. Or if you’re older and more mature.

But if you’re an international Ahgase, this might sound like bad news. BamBam can’t manage long-distance relationships. He prefers to date someone who’ll be by his side physically.

Yugyeom Ideal Type

GOT7 Yugyeom

In this Bae Yonggil’s Road to Music episode, Yugyeom gave a serious response about his ideal type. For our dance machine, having the same wavelength is a top priority. Getting along well should be every couple’s #1 concern.

What does that mean for Yugyeom? He thinks couples should be able to laugh together and empathize with each other’s problems. Being accepting and steady for each other is what makes a good relationship for him.

Yugyeom also likes a girl with a unique charm. That’s why he finds girls with 4D personalities attractive. Someone who’s quirky and seems to live in her own world is an instant like to Yugyeom.

And that concludes our GOT7 ideal type list. For most of the members, it doesn’t seem like having drop-down gorgeous looks is a top priority.

Because rather than dating a pretty girl, many of our members would like to meet someone they really love! And if you want a shot at winning your bias’s heart, we hope our list has given you enough pointers.

We wish you luck!

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