What’s The Ideal Type of Man of Blackpink Members? All You Need To Know

Blackpink Ideal Type Of Man

Blackpink once said, “If you really, really love me, 말해줘,” (then tell me). But even if you confess your love, do you think you’ll stand a chance?

Our favorite Korean girl group may be global superstars. But like the average girl out there, they sure have some criteria for their ideal type.

Want to know if you will check their boxes? Here’s all you need to know about Blackpink ideal type. Who knows, maybe you have a shot at winning your bias’s heart!

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Jisoo Ideal Type

Blackpink Jisoo

Blinks know Jisoo as the 맏내 (mat-nae), or the fake maknae of the group. She’s the oldest of the bunch, but you can always trust her to crack the jokes and pull the pranks!

So it comes as no surprise that Jisoo’s ideal type is someone who’s equally fun. She likes someone who’s fun to be with and can match her energy. A guy who’s adventurous and will try new things with her will tick her checklists.

And if you want to take her out, better plan your dates well! Jisoo likes normal dates, but she also likes to be surprised. Pro tip: she’s a foodie, so you should like food as much as she does!

But in this video, Jisoo shares that it’s also important that you’re really into her. So if you want a shot at her heart, better show her how much you really love her!

Oh, and you’re also competing with Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo. Don’t believe us?Watch this video.

Jennie Ideal Type

Blackpink Jennie

After this Arirang Radio episode, every Blink knows that Jennie likes sexy guys. Someone oozing with charisma and confidence is a major plus for her. And as our fierce main rapper, that’s not really a surprise at all.

But even if she’s sassy on the outside, we know how soft and reserved she really is. No wonder she earned the nickname “Jjindeukie.” That’s why someone who will protect her and treat her special is a big yes for Jennie.

If you want to earn brownie points, be sure to watch this Village Survival episode. You can thank us later.

And as our Human Gucci, Jennie’s ideal type is also someone stylish. If you’re dreaming about getting noticed by our Jennie, do brush up on your fashion skills first!

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Rosé Ideal Type

Blackpink Rosé

Rosé gave us all the pointers in this Weekly Idol episode. Her ideal type is someone nice, with a good voice, and who can play the guitar. Seems like our Rosie likes someone she can jam with!

So it’s no wonder that Rosé’s ideal type is someone creative. A guy who can make things with her, probably music, is a major yes for Rosé.

Finally, fakers should back off. For Rosé, it’s important that you’re genuine towards her. Your feelings should be real. So if you only have fake love to give, back off.

Lisa Ideal Type

Blackpink Lisa

Our maknae used to like Gong Yoo before. She used to share how she was a fan of tall and sexy guys.

Now, Lisa made her ideal type simple: someone who really loves her. A guy who’s kind and will respect her will check all of our dance machine’s boxes.

And as another bold and playful member like Jisoo, Lisa is also into dorky guys. Someone who has a good sense of humor, with the right jokes and pranks, will instantly grab her attention.

But don’t take it too far. Lisa also looks into a guy’s manners. Someone who will take care of her and will put others first is a huge yes for Lisa.

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I hope you enjoyed our blog post about Blackpink members ideal type!

Think you can steal your Blackpink bias’s heart? We hope this list didn’t break your heart. Or made you want to kill your love!

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