How Do K-Pop Idols Study – Everything You Should Know

How Do K-Pop Idols Study

K-Pop idols excel in almost everything: from dancing, acting, and singing. They’re true role models. But what they do outside of their idol activities is a mystery to every fan.

As most K-Pop idols debut at a young age (around 14-16), I’m sure many of us have wondered: do K-Pop idols still go to school? How do they study despite their busy schedules? What kind of schools do they attend?

Keep reading to learn more!

Do K-Pop Idols Study?

Yes, K-Pop idols actually study! They train or work as idols while also completing their studies. Members of 4th generation groups like NewJeans are still attending high school. Other idols like Yuna (ITZY) and Bae (IVE) graduated recently, despite ongoing promotions.

There are even idols attending university! SEVENTEEN members S.Coups, Jeonghan, and Woozi started graduate studies last March 2020.

How Do K-Pop Idols Study?

You might be wondering, how do they find the time to study despite their hectic schedules as idols? On top of performances, K-Pop idols have practices, rehearsals, promotions, press events, and a lot more on their plate! Where does studying fit into this busy routine?

IVE - LeeSeo

Most idols go to art schools like the School of Performing Arts (SOPA), Hanlim Art School, or Lila Art School. These schools are make adjustments for idol enrollees. Idols are just expected to show up for exams and submit their homework online to graduate. Current art school students include LEESEO (IVE), So Junghwan (TREASURE), and Kang Yeseo (Kep1er).

Hanlim - JungWon

Another option for most idols is to take online classes or homeschooling. Idols taking up university classes are rare. It can be difficult for idols to attend classes and do intensive studying.

Baek Jiheon (fromis_9) is one of the few exceptions. She attends classes full time, and is known to stay up late to study whenever she can. Baek Jiheon is currently a student at Seoul Women’s University.

Here’s a video of her touring the campus after passing!

Idols use the time between events, shoots, and performances to study for school. There are busier periods in an idols’ life, such as during promotions for new releases. But, outside of those, idols are given the time to rest and even attend school.

For example, here’s TXT’s Hueningkai studying for his Math class between shoots!

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What Do K-Pop Idols Study?

Like many other students, K-Pop idols study a variety of subjects while in school. Idols take up language, math, social studies, science, and even physical education classes.

Idols usually focus on training their language skills in Korean, English, and Japanese. Competency in all three help their songwriting and communication skills. Some idols, like ITZY, study English so they can better talk to fans!

Here’s a recent video of them showing off their English skills in an interview:

In art schools, idols take broadcasting, theater, film, music, dance, and fashion classes. But, some artists take separate classes in vocal training, dance, and acting. These schools credit their daily idol training and activities for their subjects.

Ultimately, what idols study depends on their availability and what they want to do as an idol. How intensely they study also relies on their commitment to being both an idol and a student. It’s definitely not easy to balance these two roles at the same time!

Do K-Pop Idols Finish Their Studies?

When idols debut, it’s expected for them to invest their time, energy, and attention into their career as an idol. While some K-Pop idols can finish their studies and get a degree, others are not as lucky. Idols do not always have the opportunity to complete their because of career demands.

Some idols choose to put their formal education on hold. Others pursue alternative forms of education that allow more flexibility for studying. These options include homeschooling, online classes, or going to specialized art schools.

Despite their busy careers, even idols themselves emphasize the importance of education. In Korea, it’s expected for young people to get at least a high school degree. This is so they can be set to pursue higher education.

SOPA K-Pop Idol Graduates

There are a lot of idols who managed to finish high school despite their busy schedules. Recent idol graduates include Yeojin (LOONA), Wonyoung (IVE), and soloist Somi.

For idols who are not able to complete high school, they take a series of tests known as the General Education Development (GED). Idols who took the GED include Karina (AESPA), Han (Stray Kids) and Yoshi (TREASURE).

Passing the GED is equal to graduating high school. It is also needed for when idols decide to take the College Scholastic Ability Test. It test determines which universities and colleges idols would go to, if they wished.

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Popular K-Pop Idols with High Degrees

Despite being busy, some idols even go to college after graduating high school or passing the GED! Famous idols that were able to get a bachelor’s degree include:

1. Jin (BTS)

Jin BTS Graduation

Jin graduated in 2017 with a degree in Art and Acting at Konkuk University. Because he wasn’t able to attend the ceremony due to his schedule, he had a special ceremony with BTS and fans on VLive.

2. Young K (Day6)

Day6 Young K Graduation

Young K earned his degree in Business Management at Dongguk University in 2017.

3. Xiumin (EXO)

Xiumin EXO

Xiumin completed his master’s degree in Music at Catholic Kwandong University. In 2017, he enrolled in Hoseo University to pursue a doctorate degree. His professors even described him as a model student.

4. S.Coups, Jonghan and Woozi (SEVENTEEN)


In 2020, they received their degrees in Practical Music at Hanyang University. Last year, they all got into Anyang University. All three are currently taking postgraduate studies in Business!

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5. Sojin

Sojin Girls Day

Girls’ Day ex-member and actress Sojin has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yeungnam University. She mentioned in an interview that out of 1,000 students from her department, only 8 of them were female. Talk about girl power!

All K-Pop idols have a different experience when it comes to their studies. How, what, and if they study depends on how busy they are as idols. Nonetheless, their passion to pursue their careers while studying should be admired.

It’s definitely no easy feat to be a student and an idol at the same time. Do you think you’d be able to do it? Let us know in the comments below!

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