How Do Kpop Idols Get White Skin – 10 Tips You Need To Know

How Do Kpop Idols Get White Skin

With Kpop being so big, the dazzling visuals of our favorite idols are always on display. And it’s a big mystery how they manage their flawless white skin!

Performance under the blazing sun? One long day of sweaty dancing? You can trust that your bias will still look white!

But how?

Is it skin bleaching? Sorcery? Superhuman abilities?

How Do Kpop Idols Get White Skin – 10 Tips

The true answers may not be that wild, but they are certainly within our reach! Here are 10 tips to get the perfect camera-ready skin like all our favorite Kpop idols.

  1. It All Begins In The Stomach
  2. Stay Hydrated
  3. Get Your Beauty Sleep
  4. The Benefits Of Staying At Home
  5. Why Sunblock Is A Must-Have
  6. Korean Skincare Made Easy
  7. The Wonders of Exfoliation
  8. BB Cream Is Your BFF
  9. All-Natural Whitening Creams
  10. Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Skin?

1. It All Begins In The Stomach

Healthy Food

The food we eat can impact everything. That includes our mood, stress levels, health, and especially our skin. Eating nutrient-rich foods can help make your skin glow from within.

Eating foods rich in zinc, like sesame seeds and oysters is one way to get healthier skin. Zinc is a strong antioxidant that helps strengthen your skin and reduce skin damage.

Another favorite in Korean cuisine is fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C. These include lettuce, scallions, and perilla leaves. They’re staples in all your favorite Korean BBQ places, so you’ve probably tried them before!

As we know, Koreans also love their spicy food. But did you know that chili peppers have one of the highest Vitamin C content? You can enjoy an added kick to your meal. All while ensuring your skin is getting the right amount of potent antioxidants.

Chilly Peppers

One more nutrient you should look out for is Omega-3! These fatty acids help in growing healthy skin cells. They’re also known to reduce acne, redness, and puffiness. You can find it in most fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines.

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2. Stay Hydrated

How Do Kpop Idols Get White Skin Hydration

Ask any Kpop idol about their secret to glowing skin, and most of them will say they drink a lot of water every day. It may seem unbelievable that simply drinking water can give you better skin. But experts swear that it can really make a huge difference!

Some people use water fasting to tighten their skin. But be warned that this is very unhealthy and can actually damage your skin more in the long run.

Instead, you should stick to drinking ample amounts of water every day. Watch your skin slowly tighten and give off a healthy glow!

Drinking lots of water also helps flush out harmful toxins in your body. These toxins can clog your pores and cause acne.

The right amount of water we should drink varies based on weight, height, and metabolism. But adults generally should drink at least six glasses of water a day. Water is the cheapest skincare available, so use it generously!

3. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Korean Sleeping

Getting your beauty sleep isn’t just a fairytale myth! In fact, sleeping is another one of those cheap ways you can do to take care of your skin.

Even just one night of poor sleep can give you darker undereye circles, more wrinkles, and duller skin. Not getting adequate rest can also weaken your skin’s barrier function. This means that we’re more vulnerable to acne and other skin diseases.

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That’s why proper sleep is so important. But not just any kind of rest. You also need to consider how long you sleep and your sleeping position. And even the sheets and pillowcases you use make a difference!

Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Any less than this wouldn’t give you the full benefits of restful sleep. If a busy Kpop idol can still sneak in those seven hours a night, then so can you!

You should also sleep on your back when you can. Compressing your face against a pillow for a long period of time can give you more wrinkles.

And finally, satin or silk sheets are best when it comes to minimizing skin irritation. Plus, they make sure you get the most comfortable rest possible.

4. The Benefits Of Staying At Home

Yoga At Home

When not performing for big crowds guesting in world-famous TV shows, idols tend to stay at home. And for good reason.

Being a homebody has its benefits! Staying at home can shield your skin from intense damage caused by the sun. Especially during summertime.

Remember that being exposed to the sun won’t just give you a tan. Sometimes it can lead to more serious skin diseases like sunburns or even skin cancer.

Staying indoors also protects your skin from pollutants. Air pollution can cause acne, eczema, and other skin diseases.

To keep your skin healthy, just stay at home in the meantime and binge-watch your favorite K-Dramas. Or your idols’ most iconic performances!

5. Why Sunblock Is A Must-Have

Sun Protection

Of course, there are times when you can’t avoid being in the sun. That’s why applying sunblock is one of the most important steps of any K-beauty routine.

Putting on sunblock is important because it protects our skin from UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can be very damaging to our skin. It can even lead to premature aging, harsh sunburns, and skin cancer.

And you can’t skip applying sunscreen even when you’re indoors! Dermatologists say we’re still at risk of UV ray exposure even at home. This is because they can penetrate even through glass windows.

That’s why every idol swears by their own sunscreen. Just make sure to get one with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50.

This sun stick is especially popular among idols. You can also try this aloe-infused sunscreen which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

6. Korean Skincare Made Easy

Korean Skincare

When it comes to Kpop idols, we can’t miss talking about their multi-step skincare routines! More and more idols are becoming the face of different cosmetic brands. So we can see how the Kpop and K-beauty industries are slowly merging.

Does the full 10-step Korean skincare routine scare you? Don’t worry, because we’re here to explain the basics!

The first step is double cleansing. Use an oil-based cleanser first followed by a water-based one to make sure. This will make sure you’re really getting rid of all the dirt and grit your face has accumulated all day.

After cleansing, your face can get stripped of its natural oils. To help bring it back to balance, you need to use a hydrating toner and dab it gently across dry skin.

Another staple in a Korean skincare routine is essences. Korean essences are usually water-based and can give your skin a lot of added benefits. You can choose from essences that can make your skin brighter, tighter, or softer.

And finally, you can’t skimp on moisturizing your skin. A good moisturizer will act as a barrier to lock in all the products you’ve added up to this point. Not only that, but it also helps restore your skin’s overall health.

There are still a lot of steps to a typical Korean skincare routine. But sticking to these basic steps can help you feel less overwhelmed. They’re enough to make sure you’re still taking care of your skin to the fullest.

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7. All-Natural Whitening Creams

Best Korean Whitening Creams

Another tip to add to your skincare routine is the use of whitening creams. It’s no secret that Kpop idols also use whitening creams to get that perfect glowy skin.

Make sure to get whitening creams rich in Vitamin C, licorice-root extract, or mulberry extract. These will help get rid of sunspots and hyperpigmentation and even out your skin tone.

Most Korean skin whitening creams use all-natural products. But you should be careful of creams that have hidden bleaching agents in their formulas. It pays to look at the list of ingredients to make sure you’re getting products that won’t damage your skin.

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8. The Wonders of Exfoliation

Best Korean Exfoliators Beauty Tips

Exfoliating is a staple in any Korean jimjilbang (a spa and a sauna all rolled into one). But this isn’t just any ordinary exfoliation.

Koreans have a weekly cleansing process called seshin. After soaking their bodies in hot water, a jimjilbang worker will rub a sandpaper-like loofah all over their body. This will get rid of all the dirt and dead skin.

After this gritty and sometimes painful process? Soft and supple pink skin is revealed.

Unfortunately, this rejuvenating process isn’t widely available outside of Korea. But don’t worry, because there are dozens of good exfoliators on the market. They can basically be the next best thing.

Depending on your skin type, you can use physical or chemical exfoliators. Physical exfoliators are rougher. So make sure you use a soft microfiber cloth so you don’t accidentally damage your skin.

If you have more sensitive skin, then using chemical exfoliators is the way to go. These will gently remove dead skin cells, clear your pores, smoothen bumps, and even get rid of discoloration.

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9. BB Cream Is Your BFF

Best Korean Whitening Creams

For many idols, getting whiter skin is just a simple matter of using lighter makeup. Even if your skin is a little on the tanner side, using makeup that’s a few shades lighter will help you look more radiant. Especially on camera.

BB Creams are especially popular in Korea for this purpose. Most BB Creams come in very light shades. It’s an all-in-one product! It corrects your flaws, protects your skin from harmful sun rays, and even gives you a healthier glow.

Because it’s one of the most popular cosmetic products in Korea, you have a wide range of BB Creams to choose from. Some have hydrating and smoothening features, while some provide heavier coverage. Think of them like a foundation.

When using makeup that’s lighter than your natural skin tone, just be careful not to overdo it. Remember to blend it seamlessly into your neck. The goal is to brighten your skin, not look like a ghost!

10. Do Kpop Idols Bleach Their Skin?

White Skin Korea

And lastly, let’s debunk one of the most popular myths about Kpop idols. Many Kpop idols have such bright and radiant skin. No wonder there’s been many rumors of skin bleaching going around.

But this is not true. Skin bleaching is a very painful and damaging process that can do you more harm than good. It can lead to severe skin damage and trigger serious side effects.

Bleaching your skin can also have a negative impact on your complexion in the long run. That’s why many Kpop idols opt to go for the safer route instead. And that includes a combination of all of the tips we’ve said so far.

The results may not be as instant as that of skin bleaching. But it’s definitely a lot healthier and safer — not to mention more long-lasting!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how do K-pop idols get white skin!

The secret to Kpop idols’ flawless skin is actually a lot simpler than you think. Got good food, proper rest, and regular skincare? Then you can also achieve the perfect, red-carpet-ready complexion of your favorite idols!

After going through our list, what do you think? Did you find new ways to whiten your skin you’ve never thought of before?

For more K-beauty tips, check out our posts on how to create the perfect nighttime skincare routine, as well as how to choose the best essence for your skin.


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