How K-pop Idols Secretly Date? All You Should Know

Idols Dating

From being a trainee to becoming an official K-pop star, idols have sacrificed many things to get to where they are today. They had to drop out of school to focus on their career, live away from their family and friends, go on a strict diet, and say goodbye to their privacy. They also had to give up their love life to avoid distractions and show dedication to their fans.

Back then, entertainment companies fired trainees and idols due to dating scandals. Still, some idols today are fearless and brave enough to risk their image just to be with their special someone.

Do K-pop idols date?

Hyuna and Dawn
HyunA and Dawn

Even after debuting, K-pop idols’ responsibilities do not end. They will have to record and promote their albums, do photoshoots, perform on music shows, meet fans, go on tours, and spend hours practicing.

Usually, idols come home to rest late in the evening. While these activities sound tiring and stressful, K-pop idols can still make time for their love life despite their busy schedule. After all, they’re just human beings with feelings, just like anyone else. So, yes! K-pop idols actually date.

With many watching eyes and the ‘no dating’ rule, it’s almost impossible to date as a K-pop idol. Still, they try different ways to go on dates with their special someone, which we’ll talk about in this article.

But aside from these dating methods, some idols are free to date without hiding from their agencies. In fact, VIXX’s Hyuk revealed that some entertainment companies now allow their idols to go on dates by providing a safe place to protect their privacy and avoid dating rumors!

How do K-pop idols secretly date?

Even though K-pop idols are strictly banned from dating, they always find ways to date without causing public backlash by hiding from the lurking eyes and cameras. Here’s how K-pop idols secretly date:

  1. Sneaking At Nighttime
  2. Traveling
  3. Playing Leisure Sports
  4. Chilling At Home
  5. Through Their Closest Staff
  6. Through DMs
  7. Attending Programs and Events

1. Sneaking At Nighttime

Couple Walking

Since idols’ schedule is jam-packed during the daytime, the nighttime is the perfect time to go out on dates. Usually, they would sneak inside a car to spend time and enjoy each other’s company. They would also go on late-night drives and sometimes walk in spots where they wouldn’t get caught.

Before, Korean stars usually date at Han River since only a few people are strolling in the area during nighttime. But it became an obvious spot when the fans and media found out about it.

Now, K-pop idols go to small movie theaters or private establishments like clubs and restaurants where paparazzi and cameras are not allowed to have the privacy they need.

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2. Traveling

Couple Vacation

Aside from the dating spots in South Korea, some K-pop idols who are secretly dating also go on trips or vacations to different countries. Usually, they would find hidden gems where they could spend time alone, visit heritage sites, and do fun activities with each other!

3. Playing Leisure Sports

Couple Playing Golf

For some idols, playing leisure sports like golf and bowling is a great alibi for dating without looking suspicious and obvious even if they’re spotted playing together. This way, they can use their similar hobby as an excuse.

In fact, most idols go in groups to play sports to get to know each other and have a good time with friends. And sometimes, even romantic love forms!

4. Chilling At Home

Couple at Home

Although there may be lurking eyes outside an idol’s house, some still prefer to chill, relax, and hang out at home with their special someone. It allows them to move comfortably, have privacy, and take a break from the public.

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5. Through Their Closest Staff

Love Notes

If you’re a K-pop idol, you’re lucky if you get to work with a cool staff that will allow you to date and even help you out!

Dating with the help of staff is the most common way to keep in touch. A staff would sneak notes containing hidden or encrypted messages and give them out secretly. They would also deliver couple items like matching cellphone necklaces, shoes, and shirts from one to another.

This method’s success depends on teamwork, and it also applies to K-pop groups. For instance, T-ara members revealed that they used to help each other by taking turns being on the lookout so that they can date without getting caught by their agency!

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6. Through DMs

Private Messages

Nowadays, K-pop idols take advantage of social media to date without hassle. But to avoid getting caught by their fans, agency, and the media itself, they would create dummy accounts to hide their identity and chat with their special someone through private messages.

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7. Attending Programs and Events

If you’re a K-pop fan, you surely know Idol Star Athletics Championships — a game show that features Korean stars competing in sports. Since there are a lot of people during this program, K-pop idols would take it as a chance to make move and try to get contact information from someone they’re interested.

Idol couples would also exchange sweet glances and interact on music awards and variety shows. If there’s a chance, they would also have a quick chat and a few stolen moments at backstage or blind spots!

Some Ways To Know If An Idol Is In A Secret Relationship

Asian Girl

  • They specifically talk about their ideal type and relationship.
  • They post cute photos that might have secret ‘messages’ that fans could decipher.
  • They go to random areas.
  • They show awkward/new behavior on-screen.
  • They buy a new car for secret car dates.
  • They often visit a friend’s house – it might be their secret meet-up place!

We hope you enjoy this blog post on how K-pop idols secretly date!

These secret dating methods prove that not even the strict ‘no dating’ rule can stop K-pop idols’ feelings and what their hearts desire. Let’s just look at HyunA and Dawn’s rule-breaking relationship! They fought for their love, and not even their agencies could get in their way.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article!

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