What’s The Ideal Type of Men of TWICE Members? Everything You Should Know

TWICE Ideal Type

Ever since their debut in 2015, TWICE has never stopped giving us The Feels.

That’s why we know you’re probably falling in love with them More and More! In this case, you might be wondering what’s the ideal type of your TWICE bias.

Do they care about looks? Or do they value feelings more?

Luckily, you have this TWICE ideal type list to help you out. If you want to know What is Love for our girls, be sure to finish reading this list!

Jihyo Ideal Type


Jeongyeon once spilled that Jihyo likes fit guys. But that’s definitely not the end of the story. Our leader is also into more mature traits in a man.

In this episode of Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio, Jihyo shared that she likes strong and reliable guys. Given that she’s TWICE’s dependable leader, that’s not surprising at all!

It also seems like Jihyo likes being true to herself in a relationship. So being able to show her true self to the guy is a must. If you’re someone with whom she can be comfortable, you might just win her heart.

If you need a reference, remember that Jihyo once dated Kang Daniel.

And with Nayeon, Jihyo also picked Infinite’s Woohyun as her ideal type. According to her, girls usually like boys who like them. And if she thinks that Woohyun likes the TWICE members a lot, that’s definitely tough competition!

Nayeon Ideal Type

TWICE Nayeon

Think you’re trustworthy and dependable? You might just be Nayeon’s ideal guy.

Nayeon doesn’t have a particular type. But she admits that she needs a lot of care – she keeps losing her stuff and getting stressed! That’s why someone who can take care of her well gets bonus points for Nayeon.

On a more specific note, our center also likes tech-savvy guys. She shares that she can’t really handle technology well. If you can complement her weaknesses, you might just get a shot.

Jeongyeon Ideal Type

TWICE Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon’s ideal type is simple. Someone who can make her comfortable can instantly win her heart.

And if you’re wondering how, it seems like humor is the way to Jeongyeon’s heart. We know Jeongyeon as the humorous and spirited member. So like her, Jeongyeon’s ideal type is someone who’s funny and can amuse her.

Momo Ideal Type


It seems like food is love for our main dancer. Momo shared that she likes someone who eats heartily. All the better if you love jokbal (pig’s trotters) since Momo can’t get enough of it!

But that doesn’t mean you can neglect your health. Momo will still prefer it if the guy’s keeping his fitness in check. So after a cheat day with Momo, be sure to sweat away the calories at the gym!

Bonus: Momo once dated Super Junior’s Heechul. Now that’s another tough competition to beat.

Sana Ideal Type


Sana values her family, even when it comes to her ideal type. For her, it’s important that her partner treats her parents well.

If you need a role model, someone who cares for her like her father is an instant winner. She also shared in the Periscope Music Core backstage that her ideal type in TWICE is Jihyo. Seems like she’s into the dependable type!

Aside from family, Sana also values career. She finds it attractive when someone works hard in their job. So being professional is another surefire way to impress Sana.

Lastly, Sana has one final requirement. You should really love her – plus dogs! But that doesn’t seem like a tall order, right?

Mina Ideal Type


Mina admits that she’s really bad at making decisions. That’s why someone who can lead her and help her weigh her options has the key to her heart.

In addition, Mina also likes playful yet well-mannered guys. Talk about the best of both worlds!

And if you’re looking for something physical, hear this out. Mina’s drawn to guys who look strong from the back. So better work out those back muscles to earn points from Mina!

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Dahyun Ideal Type

TWICE Dahyun

Better brace yourself if you want to win Dahyun’s heart. The other TWICE members once teased Dahyun for having lots of demands. But we don’t think her ideal type’s demanding at all!

Because for Dahyun, it all boils down to being dependable and nice. She’s attracted to someone who’s strong and reliable like her father. And speaking of family, someone who treats her parents well is a must.

Dahyun adds another item to the list. The requirement? Like Sana’s ideal type, you must also love her a lot. But again, that doesn’t sound difficult at all!

If you need inspiration, Dahyun shared that she’d date Sana if she’s a guy. Given how cute and smiley Sana is, Dahyun finds it nice how she can make the people around her happy.

Chaeyoung Ideal Type

TWICE Chaeyoung

It’s all about fashion for our strawberry princess. Chaeyoung is drawn to someone who dresses nice or has a good fashion sense.

She also adds something deeper to her type. She once shared that she likes it when a guy takes care of her well and loves her a lot.

And if you speak English, you’re in luck! Chaeyoung also finds it attractive when someone is fluent in the language.

Tzuyu Ideal Type


It seems like many of our members are family-oriented. Tzuyu once shared that she thinks it’s important to value filial piety.

In addition, she also appreciates it if her partner loves her more than she does. That’s why someone who initiates and approaches her first is a plus.

And if you’re a fur-parent, check this out. Tzuyu likes dogs, so she thinks it’s important that her partner also does!

Bonus: Are you a foodie? Tzuyu also likes it when someone eats well. Better stock up on foodie tips if you want a shot with our maknae!

And that concludes our list! After reading about TWICE ideal type, what do you think?

Well, we feel like our girls don’t care about looks a lot. For our members, it’s all about care and reliability.

So if you want to win your TWICE bias’s heart, you know what to do!

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