How Do Female K-Pop Idols Deal With Periods? [EXPLAINED]

How Do Female K-Pop Idols Deal With Periods

For many females around the world, offhandedly dealing with the dreaded monthly period cycle is something that we take for granted. Many people will track their cycles using diaries or apps and will just deal with it as it comes. We purchase the products, dress in comfortable loungewear, fill up the hot water bottle, and eat our weight’s worth of chocolate and chips.

But what if you’re a Korean popstar?

What if you’re an idol with stage performances, music video filming, and variety show appearances happening every day?

K-pop ITZY

Think about the lithe figures that you see gracing the screens, dancing perfectly to the beat, looking sublime in the leg-baring miniskirts and sundresses. It’s simply very hard to imagine female K-pop idols dealing with their periods the way that normal females do.

In reality, though, there are measures that K-pop idols must take to avoid the onset of body ailments that comes with periods. The cramps, the bloating, the emotional rollercoaster – it’s hardly ideal for female K-pop stars to be experiencing these whilst performing for hundreds of thousands of people.

In this article, we discuss the certain discreet ways in which female K-pop idols deal with their periods, and just for your information, it’s not as bizarre as you think.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills

For certain idols, using birth control pills is the best option.

K-pop idols often partake in hectic schedules during their promotional periods, with certain activities sometimes requiring days of filming. For these types of activities, it was simply more convenient and comfortable for idols to use birth control pills so that they don’t experience discomfort during lengthy filming periods.

With pain killers, the effects are temporary as opposed to birth control pills where the idol can at least avoid the pain altogether during the filming or promoting period.

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In some ways, you certainly feel for female K-pop idols. Those who participate in the more extreme filming conditions such as Idol Star Athletics Championships or Law of the Jungle not only have to appear as though they’re enjoying the rough and fast-paced atmosphere but must do so whilst having to deal with their menstrual cycle as well.

A dreaded effect of getting your period is the bloat that happens. Female K-pop idols are judged harshly by their appearance and thus bloat is a huge factor to consider. When doing comeback stages and such, the outfits they wear are usually quite revealing and leave little for the imagination. Birth control pills will ensure that they keep the bloating at bay.

Birth control pills offer the most flexible option for K-pop idols (and most celebrities in general), as they can plan their intake around their important schedule dates.


Painful Periods

Painkillers are as basic as they come, but they often do the trick if the K-pop idol is looking for a quick solution ahead of activities.

Of course, birth control pills are still the better option ahead of such activities as on-screen appearances and stage performances. However, if it’s an activity such as a radio show interview, a vlog appearance, and alike, painkillers are the easiest to access and are still a reliable option.

Painkillers periods

All females will know that period cramps are a mood killer. It can affect some females so severely that sometimes they’re double over in pain and will need to lay down and rest. Painkillers might not be able to completely eliminate the pain but they will at least alleviate it for a duration.

Of course, everyone is different, and so is their pain tolerance. For some idols, painkillers might be the only solution they need to their period pain, and that’s the ideal situation.

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Female Hygiene Products

Female Hygiene Products

The most basic method to deal with periods is with hygiene products. Such items as pads, tampons, and menstrual cups can be used to protect female K-pop idols when they have their periods.

The latter two are the more effective methods during performance stages as they are invisible and so the K-pop idol would not have to worry about it showing anywhere on their outfit.

In saying that, tampons and menstrual cups are still considered quite ‘foreign’ to the Korean community and pads are definitely still the most popular product to use. This is true not just for idols but for Korean females in general.

For those who are wondering whether female idols are afraid that pads will show, yes this is often something that is feared amongst performing idols. However, it is simply something they must deal with, and one that can be worked around given the different sizes and shapes in the market these days.

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Team Member Support

Iz * One
Iz * One

Given that most idol groups are single-gendered, it’s not surprising that most female idols will turn to their members for support. 

When it comes to the time of the month, certain idols will definitely feel their cramps worse than others. If this happens, they might reach out to their members for understanding that they’re not feeling 100% and thus will likely not be putting in 100% at practice.

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However, the Korean culture of not burdening yourself on others is also prevalent within the idol culture, and sometimes this prevents idols from letting others know the pain they’re going through. 

Of course, all females go through this, and most of the time team members are supportive and understanding of the situation.

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Outfit Changes


Performance and stage outfits are a huge deal when it comes to the special time of the month. Women might already be in quite a bit of pain because of the menstrual cramps, and it doesn’t help when they’re then also required to perform on stage wearing skin-tight outfits and/or white bottoms as well.

Sometimes, this cannot be helped. Some outfits and stages are planned months in advance. If there are certain performances that require matching outfits then the individual must simply go ahead with it.

However, if the performance outfits are mismatched, the K-pop idol can contact their stylist and request an outfit change. Most stylists are females and will likely understand and try their best to at least offer a bottom wear change that is more comfortable and secure.

You now have a better idea on how female K-pop idols deal with periods!

Having your periods is still quite a taboo topic for female idols to bring up, especially given that most of their management are males. The situation can become uncomfortable, for example, if the idol must request to head to a convenience store for supplies and the manager wants to know why.

However, as reiterated time and time again by an ex-K-pop idol, female K-pop idols simply have to deal with it.

Whether they decide to suck it up and wear the miniskirt, use a tampon over a pad, or take painkillers for three days straight – female K-pop idols are pretty much superheroes.

Credit should be given considering how they must deal with the monthly stress and pain of having their periods on top of the long and difficult road to becoming a successful K-pop idol.

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