What’s The Ideal Type of Girls of Super Junior Members?

Super Junior Ideal Type Girls

Super Junior has been stealing hearts all the way since 2005!

If you’re an E.L.F and you’re curious about what makes Super Junior say “This is Love,” you’ve come to the right place. From appearance to personality, we’ll tell you all about the ideal type of Super Junior members!

Ready to steal the heart of your bias? Let’s go!

Leeteuk Ideal Type

Super Junior Leeteuk

Leeteuk might be one of the strongest leaders in Kpop. But his ideal type sounds simple. He once said that he’s looking for someone who’s kind and beautiful to his own eyes.

But Leeteuk’s ideal type doesn’t seem simple at all when you look at his celebrity crushes! Over the years, he has mentioned Lee Sung Kyung and SNSD’s Yoona as his ultimate types. Yoona even exposed Leeteuk for repeatedly asking her to marry him (as a joke, of course)!

And to top the list of your competition? Leeteuk also mentioned that he finds anchorwomen or newscasters attractive.

Heechul Ideal Type

Super Junior Heechul

Heechul’s ideal type changed a lot through the years. But in a Street Alcohol Fighter episode in 2021, he shared that some things stayed the same. Bangs, necklines, and plaid skirts are still the way to his heart.

But as he grew older, Heechul also started looking for more serious criteria. He’s now also looking for a woman who matches him. Basically, someone who can be trusted with his bank account is a must. Talk about adult stuff!

For appearance, it’s simply body over face for Heechul. But in the face department, he’s intro girls with monolids since he already has double eyelids. Celebs like Kim Wansun, Park Jiyoon, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, and Red Velvet’s Seulgi are just his type!

Bonus: Heechul looks like the loyal kind. In 2018, he admitted that Wonder Girls’s Sohee has been his ideal type for 10 years. And he always mentioned his former girlfriend Momo (TWICE lead) before their relationship was revealed!

Yesung Ideal Type

Super Junior Yesung

Yesung’s ideal type is all about innocence. And this applies to both looks and attitude!

Girls who are babyfaced and act simple have the express lane to his heart. Another bonus is if she has eyes that sparkle prettily! If you need a reference, Yesung mentioned Moon Geun Young and Park Bo Young as his ideal types.

But Yesung also looks at the inside. His ideal type is someone who has a warm heart, just like white jade. It’s also important that she loves him and his family sincerely.

Shindong Ideal Type

Super Junior Shindong

Shindong doesn’t have much to say about his ideal type. But he did mention that he likes cute and short girls. He’s probably looking for someone he can embrace easily!

It also seems like he’s drawn to musicians. He once said that he finds it attractive when a girl plays drums. Not surprisingly, he mentioned musicians – namely Wendy and HyunA – as his ideal types.

Sungmin Ideal Type

Super Junior Sungmin

Sungmin once went cheesy and said that their fans are his ideal type. But on a more serious note, feelings are his #1 priority. His ideal type is simply someone that he loves.

But that does not mean that he can’t be picky about looks! Sungmin likes a girl who’s cute but also a bit sexy. He’d also love it if a girl is shorter than him so he can hug her easily!

Eunhyuk Ideal Type

Super Junior Eunhyuk

Seems like Eunhyuk’s definition of beauty is Son Ye Jin! He once called her gorgeous and admitted that she was his ideal type when he was younger.

But now, his ideal type crown has been passed to another actress – Han Ji Min.

Celebrity crushes aside, Eunhyuk is also attracted to someone pretty, cute, and fair-skinned. He’s also drawn to girls who are sweet!

And whoever his ideal type may be, Eunhyuk gave a heads-up. He said he’ll go straight to you and confess. So you better be ready with your answer!

Siwon Ideal Type

Super Junior Siwon

When asked by his manager about his ideal type, Siwon answered straight away that it must be someone he admires. It’s also important that the woman respects his work since he’s a very busy guy.

And nope, Siwon doesn’t care much about looks. His only requirement for appearance is that she must have honest and trustworthy eyes.

But he does seem to be serious about health! Siwon shared that he also likes fit or muscular girls. And if you smoke, you might just lose some brownie points!

Donghae Ideal Type

Super Junior Donghae

Be ready to take care of Donghae if you want to win his heart. In this interview, Donghae mentioned that he likes it when a girl can cook. Because aside from taking care of him, he’ll love it if his future girlfriend will make seaweed soup for him.

And that’s not surprising at all, because Donghae once said that his ideal type is someone motherly. A girl who fixes his clothes and pays attention has an edge.

But he’ll also appreciate it when he’s with someone on the same wavelength. His ideal type is also someone with the same interests as him and can make him comfortable.

Bonus: Better grow out your bangs! Donghae finds it attractive when a girl has a nice forehead. He said it makes him want to kiss her forehead!

Ryeowook Ideal Type

Super Junior Ryeowook

If you love wearing jeans, you’re in luck. Ryeowook’s ideal type is someone who looks good in jeans. Bonus points if you have wavy hair.

And you might make his heart skip a beat if you belt out a song! His stomach gets butterflies when he meets a girl who can sing. No wonder that he once said his ideal type is f(x)’s Krystal!

Kyuhyun Ideal Type

Super Junior Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun gave some pointers in this interview. His ideal type is girls who are pure instead of sexy.

His heart also flutters when he sees someone who looks gorgeous in a ponytail. Kyuhyun thinks that girls become 2x prettier when they wear their hair in a ponytail. That explains why Blackpink’s Jisoo is his celebrity crush!

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