What is the Ideal Type of Girls of TXT Members? [EXPLAINED]

TXT Ideal Type Of Girl

MOAs, admit this: your biggest dream is to date your TXT bias. So you’re probably wondering about their likes and if you fit their ideal type. Are they into funny girls? Do they like girls with short hair? Will they like me if we meet in real life?

Like the average person, TXT members also have ideal types that they look for in a girl. Curious to know them? Read this list of TXT ideal types to know if you have a shot at being liked by your TXT bias!

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Yeonjun Ideal Type

TXT Yeonjun

Yeonjun’s ideal type is simple. In a February 2020 Vlive, he shared that his ideal type is someone who likes him. If you’re a MOA who sincerely loves TXT, then this shouldn’t be a problem to you.

Yeonjun also has specific traits he likes in girls. If you’re the life of the party who has lots of refreshing energy, you’re in luck. At the same time, Yeonjun likes someone emotionally mature who can understand his wants and dislikes. He’s also into girls who are wise with money.

Soobin Ideal Type

TXT Soobin

For Soobin, it’s hard to know your ideal type if you still haven’t met them. But what Soobin knows is as long as you get along with him, you’re in!

But Soobin also gave some characteristics that he looks for in a girl. Basically, he likes bold and feisty girls who can give a fight. This boldness should also show in how she communicates. Soobin likes girls who make their emotions clear and speak straight to the point.

And as a daring girl, you shouldn’t be afraid of public displays of affection when dating Soobin!

Beomgyu Ideal Type

TXT Beomgyu

Are you the girlboss type who also likes taking care of others? Then you’re probably Beomgyu’s ideal type!

Beomgyu likes girls who are passionate about their careers. He’s especially into girls who are in high positions in their jobs since he wants someone who will lead him.

At the same time, Beomgyu likes girls who can give him lots of attention. If you promise that you’ll always have time for him, you might just be Beomgyu’s type.

And if you haven’t guessed yet, Beomgyu likes noonas!

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Huening Kai Ideal Type

TXT Huening Kai

Sincerity and connection are top priorities for TXT’s maknae. In a Weverse Q&A, Huening Kai shared how he’s looking for someone who he can laugh with and show his true feelings. If you can easily connect with Huening Kai, you might just fit his ideal type.

Giving him affection and supporting him fully are also traits he’s looking for in a girl. And like Soobin, Huening Kai is also into straightforward girls who cut to the chase. Shy girls who speak with fancy words are a no-no for him.

Bonus: Time to schedule a salon trip, as Huening Kai likes girls with short hair!

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Taehyun Ideal Type

TXT Taehyun

Similar to Huening Kai, Taehyun is all about connection. He’s not crazy about looks, but he pays attention to the affection that he feels for the girl. He likes someone who’ll get to know him deeply, not just skin-deep.

And if you like chasing after the guy you like, you’re probably Taehyun’s ideal type! Once he feels the connection, he sure wants to be wooed. Seems like Taehyun’s heart is hard to earn! He also likes confident girls who can travel around with him.

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Think you can win the heart of your TXT bias? TXT members have diverse ideal types of girls. Some like girlboss, confident types. But other members aren’t so specific and are just after the connection you’ll build.

Hopefully these TXT ideal types helped you understand your TXT bias more, or fueled your fantasies to date your bias someday!

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